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Why place an order with MVR? While many official music video collections are released of a particular artist/band, nearly all are far from complete. Many fail to include alternate, re-edited, censored or non-censored versions, and cases where countries have aired different conceptual versions. You can also find Exclusive Club-Only Remix videos and overall rare music videos from your favorite artist/band that have never been commercially released and in some cases never even aired in your particular country. This is what MVR does best: provide you with COMPLETE collections of music videos from your favorite artists and bands.

CHVRCHES The Music Video Anthology 2013-2017 (containing TWENTY ONE music videos)

We at MVR pride ourselves in providing COMPLETE Music Video Anthologies of many of your favorite artists and groups. We also offer what we call “Video Archives”. The Video Archives is ANYTHING on video of a band or artist OTHER than music videos, such as interviews, rare performances, news reports, live performances, documentaries and even in some cases commercials. The Video Archives collection is world wide spanning the globe from as early as the late 70’s to as recent as this year.

Depeche Mode, Recoil, Dave Gahan (solo), Martin Gore (solo), Client and Soulsavers ULTIMATE Music Video Collection 1981-2015 & Behind The Scenes Documentaries (6 DVD Set 12 Hours)

MVR has been researching and archiving music videos and video archives for well over three decades servicing not only collectors but also major network and cable series such as CNN, Access Hollywood, several episodes of the VH1 series “Where Are They Now,” NYC Local Fox News at 10, as well as global advertising agencies for research purposes.

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