Music Video Resource Pledge:

We want to make clear to all that are reading and considering a purchase – we are not out to cheat anyone, or rip anyone off, especially anyone appearing on any of these DVDs. We have nothing but the greatest respect and love for all the creative forces behind this rare material. We will never sell copies of material in stores, so please do not ask for that. We also never sell copies of movies in theaters. Additionally, we never deal in adult (X-rated) material of any kind.

Sometimes, a rare version of something may be listed here that is not for sale in stores, but you will never see a copy of a material readily available for normal retail purchase. This is not a huge operation, despite our professional appearance and conduct. We are a team of enthusiastic collectors and researchers that cater to avid fans, collectors, and researchers looking for rare footage and material that people want but cannot find easily, if at all. We do this because we love dealing with such material, and love sharing this material with fans. It’s done for the love of music, their fans and music history.

Many others sell such material too – on auction sites, conventions, other websites and through magazines, etc., at much higher prices. Some of our competitors supposedly offer great prices upfront only to hit you up with high shipping rates on the back end of your purchase and want to charge you extra as much as $2.50 for artwork on each DVD. MVR offers fair shipping rates worldwide and OFFERS ARTWORK ON ALL DVDs and it’s included in the price you pay upfront.

The difference between us and our competitors is that we love music and care about our products and our clients. As collectors ourselves we understand the importance of content and attractive items: we strive to offer products you can proudly include in your collection and enjoy for years to come. If you decide to purchase from MVR, you do so knowing that our material is rare and believed to be in the public domain.

Our time, knowledge, skills, research capabilities and services along with shipping and handling are available for purchase today. For a reasonable price, we are simply offering to place these music video collections (we call “Anthology”) as well as “The Video Archives”  available to you. These particular artists or bands that are made available on DVD are intended for personal viewing or research purposes only. We cannot be held responsible if you attempt to use these videos beyond their collectable purposes, especially without prior authorization from the artists and companies who produced them.

Our ambition is to help devoted fans, rare footage collectors and television researchers find material they desire at a fair rate. There are no rights given or implied and all titles are for collectors’ and researchers’ purposes only.

Thank you!

Staff of MVR


Craig Ciccone
Best Efforts, Inc.
Highland Park, MI

I have been an independent historian for 20 years and have yet to discover a personal video archive service that matches the experience, knowledge, and attentiveness of Music Video Resource. Not only did they go to great lengths to ensure I was able to obtain their materials in a timely manner, but once received, I was equally impressed to learn that much of my work had been done for me.  The archival material was in chronological order, easily identifiable with an extensive segment listing, and was of surprisingly good quality.  Having spent the last three years collecting a vast array of materials on the career of the late singer Robert Palmer, I was confident I had done so fairly sufficiently.  But with the acquisition of MVR’s Video Archives collection, I realized how insufficient my archive truly was.  My forthcoming book on Robert Palmer would be far less comprehensive if not for  Historians must rely on rare strokes of good fortune to do their work well, especially when acquiring invaluable original documentation.  I am privileged to have had the good fortune of having found MVR.  My work and, most importantly, the audience it will serve, are all the richer for it.

All record companies offer music videos to the public free of charge. However, these videos are intended for promotional and research purposes only, and are essentially “worthless” outside the realm of sentimental value and or general research. They are merely produced in an effort to increase CD and Vinyl sales for that particular artist or band featured.

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