1) Security:

Privacy and security are our highest priorities. To preserve security, we require that all online transactions be processed with the latest technology under our secure server which is updated on a monthly basis. This way, you can rest assured that your private information is unable to be viewed during transfer by ANYONE on the internet — not even us. Our credit card processing services incorporates a wide array of features and tools that ensure “privacy, prevention, and protection” — allowing your online shopping experience to be the most safe and secure one. We do NOT offer/sell your information to ANY third party as we respect the concern of privacy of all our MVR clients. Feel free to review this link that rates MVR’s safety. LINK

2) Besides the USA, where can I play these DVD’s?


ALL DVD titles have ®Dolby Stereo 2.0 and selected items 5.1 Surround


3) Important information about MVR products.

The items offered at MVR are of promotional DVD’s that are in part created by the various record companies in additional to production companies and are used for marketing purposes and general visual promotion of the particular music videos of the said band or artist. They are 100% OFFICIAL copies that have been acquired directly from mainly Record Companies, Director’s Reels and the artists/bands that produced them.

All releases, licenses, clearances as well as promotional considerations are courtesy of one or more of the following: record companies, directors, the specified band or artist or managers. Any and all of which have submitted the material for the intent of visual marketing for the on line download, vinyl or CD for the purposes of promotion.

When you purchase this Record Company sourced DVD format you are purchasing only the physical DVD and agree that you are NOT purchasing rights to the music or the right to copy and/or redistribute any of the material you receive. This is a Promotional DVD of an official music video compilation reel and is NOT a bootleg. You are paying for the original archiving process of as much as 40 plus years ago in addition to production time, handling and software. The music itself is free and is meant to be shared and used for Promotional and or Marketing Use Only. The music is provided on a promotional only basis by the Record Label, band/artist and is intended solely to increase the promotion, marketing and sales of said band or artist via marketing of a “Music Video Anthology” or “Video Archive” DVD. It is important to understand that when purchasing this DVD that you are NOT receiving any fair use rights to the music as you do when you purchase a regular download, CD or album.


4) What is the quality like of the music video Anthologies that this web site offers?

Quality varies from one collection to another based on the original source material. Keep in mind we are discussing footage that can be as old as the 1960’s up to as late as last month. Having said that, the earliest source material starts at 240p  and 400P (which some of you will know is standard VHS and S-VHS quality) and ranges with in all the variables up to and including 1080p HD. Please e-mail us at Question@MusicVideoResource.com with your specific questions. The Music Video Collections we offer (that we like to call “Anthology”) are  custom made, professionally edited compilations. It comes with art work on the DVD’s themselves and comes in clear circular hard shell plastic cases for shipping. It is provided in 2.0 ®Dolby Stereo, in the SP recording mode and is Region 0 (for ALL DVD players WORLD WIDE). Also included is a thorough printed list of each and every music video including identifications of different versions where applicable. This information can be easily copy and paste into a word document from our provided track listing online. A wide majority of our DVDs include a start up menu and chapter selections every five minutes through out the duration of the DVD. Most of our newer titles contain multi-page menus with exact chapter selections with images for each and every music video.

5) What are your shipping rates and policies?

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE ALL COUNTRIES GLOBALLY. Shipping rates for the USA and ALL Other countries: ALL items are sent via FIRST CLASS Air Mail via the United States Postal Service (USPS) with optional mailing additions, such as Express, Priority Mail, Insurance and Registered Mail if required for an additional fee.

Postage is calculated using table rates at checkout to assure we provide you with accurate shipping costs to date. Unlike our competitors, we don’t charge super reasonable prices on our items only to price gouge you on shipping at the last step of the purchase and then use “media mail” as a shipping method. That’s not who we are at MVR. We ship via USPS FIRST CLASS air mail WORLDWIDE. We offer SUPER FAST turnaround! Most orders shipped with in 24 to 48 hours and ALL shipping is non-refundable. Please note: should you provide us with an incomplete/wrong address and your order is sent back to MVR you will be required to pay for shipping once again to re-ship to you. Should you change your mind and not want to follow through with paying for shipping a second time OR cancel an order before item is shipped and would like a refund we will charge you $5 restocking fee for each item ordered.


6) Payment Methods:

We prefer to receive payments through Stripe which is used WORLDWIDE. Stripe allows you to use any major credit card to make a purchase. You don’t have to sign up to use their service nor are you redirected to any site during payment. In other words, Stripe is integrated into the MVR website. With Stripe your financial information is kept private and safe.

When purchasing on MVR using an Apple iOS device such as iPhone or iWatch you will have an additional option to checkout using Apple Pay (only if you have setup Apple Pay). In addition, you can use Apple Pay with Mac OS Sierra and the new touch pad (only if you have setup Apple Pay). You will need to select your address and select which credit card or debit card you want to use for the purchase.

MVR also supports Google Payment Request. Our customers can use mobile phones with supported browsers such as Chrome to make purchases easier and faster. If paying by money order, a US Postal Money Order is preferred. We do NOT accepts personal checks of any kind.

Please contact us here to request the use of alternative forms of payment. If you have a specific payment method you’d prefer to use simply email us and we will make any arrangements necessary for your convenience. We do not accept personal checks of any kind.


7) What other payment methods do you accept other than Stripe?

Alternate Payment methods in the USA:

We accept Money orders, cashier’s check or cash via delivery confirmation with registered mail

Alternate Payment methods for ALL other countries:

We accept Western Union Money Orders ONLY (no transfers of any kind), Cash via registered mail only and Canadian and Japan collectors can pay via International Postal Money Orders. We do not accept personal checks of any kind.

If you are mailing your payment in the post you will receive our payment address at the end of the transaction process.


8) What Is Your cancellation/refund Policy?


ALL defective or damaged DVDs will be replaced with the same title at no charge to the client provided that the original defective DVD is shipped back to us via media mail, which will be reimbursed after receipt. This is under the assumption we have determined in advance that the DVD is in fact defective and that the issue is NOT a compatibility problem with your particular DVD player. PLEASE NOTE: If you have a very old DVD player, it may not play these discs.

Your original shipping cost paid at time of original purchase is non-refundable. Generally, we do not offer refunds for obvious reasons given the rarity of the material. Refunds are only considered in LESS THAN 30 Days of date of purchase NOT date of receiving in the USA and 40 Days if you are outside of the USA. Refunds if provided are handled on a case by case basis and must include ALL original items provided in the original packaging. Again, the original shipping cost paid is non-refundable nor is the return shipping back to MVR under any circumstances. ALL shipping is non-refundable. Please note: should you provide us with an incomplete/wrong address and your order is sent back to MVR you will be required to pay for shipping once again to re-ship to you. Should you change your mind and not want to follow through with paying for shipping a second time and would like a refund we will charge you $5 restocking fee for each item ordered. Your return should be sent and will be processed in New York, NY USA and if needed you can leave an optional detailed voice mail at (984) 444-9454 however we prefer you simply email us as we check multiple times daily. Any questions regarding a return can be sent directly to Question@MusicVideoResource.com (please include your Full Name, Title/Titles of items and Order Number). Again, we check our inbox at least a couple of times every 24 hours.

Thank you all for visiting our “FAQ” page and we hope you’ll join us as a member of Music Video Resource