Remasters: LaserDisc to DVD

This special category from MVR displays all the music video collections and live concerts that have been digitally remastered to DVD. All DVDs offered in this Remastered series are from the original LaserDisc releases. ALL of these titles offered here have NEVER been released on DVD until now! An entire exclusive selection of nearly 150 titles are available for you from your team at MVR.

The original visual aspect ratio of 4:3 is maintained on the new DVD remaster. The digital audio from the original LaserDiscs are converted to Dolby Digital 2.0 Sound on all of MVR’s Remastered DVDs. All LaserDisc sources start at 425 lines of horizontal resolution and are upgraded further by MVR’s remastering process.

In most cases these titles were offered only on LaserDisc exclusively with some also released in the VHS format. Check individual descriptions for the original background of the format history of each title along with detailed track listings. Each DVD in this series includes beautifully customized artwork that is exclusive to MVR and pays homage to the theme of the original art work that was made exclusively for the LaserDisc release.

It’s interesting to note that some audiophiles and sound purists argue that unless the remastering process includes completely “lossless” compression of audio that no matter how it may be converted/processed to surround sound or other, it still is compressed audio thus producing some say a more audibly muddled sound. This is due to the lessening of the dynamic range between the loudest and quietest parts of the audio signal thus producing some distortion and a clipping audio effect.

Because of the large 12 inch size of the LaserDisc format it can easily support the amount of physical space required to successfully playback large uncompressed sound. This Remastered DVD features the original completely uncompressed audio recording allowing the original true recorded mix to come alive as it was originally intended to be heard in optimum sound quality. This original mix featured with completely uncompressed audio is exclusively preserved here and available in it’s original intended state of production for the very first time on DVD.

Technical note for ideal listening: If your DVD Player has an optical out and is connected to your amplifier that has a built in decoder in your home entertainment system; you will experience the true uncompressed dynamic range of the original audio recording.

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