#1: JAPAN COMPILATION Version A 2 Hours (David Sylvian)


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#1: JAPAN COMPILATION Version A 2 hours

1.Don’t rain on my parade (Music Video)
2.Adolescent sex (Music Video)
3.Communist China (Music Video)
4.Sometimes I feel so low (Music Video)
5.Life In Tokyo (Music Video)
6.Quiet Life (Music Video)
7.German TV Automatic Gun Live
8.Belgian TV Life In Tokyo Live
9.Belgian TV Automatic Gun Live
10.Belgian TV Adolescent Sex Live
11.I Second That Emotion (Music Video)
12.UKTV Top Of The Pops 1982: Quiet Life
13.UKTV Top Of The Pops 1982: Cantonese Boy
14.UKTV Top Of The Pops 1982: Ghosts
15.UKTV Oxford Road Show 1982: Quiet Life
16.UKTV Oxford Road Show 1982: Visions of China
17.UKTV Oxford Road Show 1982: Cantonese Boy
18.UKTV Old Grey Whistle Test 1982: Ghosts & Cantonese Boy
19.UKTV Old Grey Whistle Test 1982: My New Career & Swing
20.UKTV Old Grey Whistle Test 1982: Nightporter & Art of Parties
21.French TV Gentlemen Take Polaroids 1982 Live in France (B&W)
22.French TV Art of Parties 1982: Live in France
23.UKTV Old Grey Whistle Test 1983: Angie Bowie interview then performance of the spoken word with Angie and Mick Karn
24.UKTV Riverside 1983: Mick Karn Interview and Passion in Moisture (Music Video)
25.UKTV Southbank Show 1983: Mick Karn Interview
26.UKTV 1983: Mick Karn discusses sculptures
27.Mick Karn & Midge Ure: After A Fashion (Music Video)

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