#3: DAVID SYLVIAN COMPILATION Volume 1 Version A – 2 hours (Japan)


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#3: DAVID SYLVIAN COMPILATION Volume I Version A – 2 hours

1.MTV Europe 1996?: Short Interview with Sylvian and Heartbeat Music Video with Ryuichi Sakamoto and featuring Ingrid Chavez)
2.Pulling Punches (Music Video from Brilliant Trees)
3.Italy TV 1996?: In-depth Interview with David Sylvian discussing Shaimans period of music
4.Italy TV Taking The Veil and Words with the Shaman Live
5.Italy TV Orpheus Live
6.Italy TV Weathered Wall Live and introduction of the band
7.Japan TV “Rock TV Show” 1983: Interview with David Sylvian and Gentlemen Take Polaroids Live
8.Australian TV Sky Network “New Music Show” 1996: In-Depth Interview with Sylvian discussing “Secrets Of The Beehive” and “Brilliance of Trees” LP. Also included are various music video clips
9.UKTV 1985?: Interview Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri as there new incarnation (at the time) The Dolphin Brothers and music video for Shining
10.French TV 5/88: In-Depth Interview with Sylvian
11.Dutch TV 5/88: Another Interview that’s different then one above
12.Orpheus (Music Video)
13.David Sylvian with Mark Isham: The Grand Parade (Music Video)
14.Linoleum (Music Video)
15.David Sylvian with Ryuichi Sakamoto Forbidden Colours (Music Video)

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