80s In The Sand DVD Mini Series (Featuring interviews and performances by Brett Michaels of Poison, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, The English Beat, Berlin, Thomas Dolby, ABC, Wang Chung and Cutting Crew along with Taylor Dayne) All four episodes COMMERCIAL FREE


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Mini Series Description: Bask in the glow of the 80’s with music, interviews, live performances and more from the sun and fun filled 80’s in the Sand musical extravaganza in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Hosts include hosts include original MTV VJ is Mark Goodman and Alan Hunter in addition to downtown Julie Brown and Richard Blades

 Episode 1 Air Date 04/07/19: Former MTV VJ, Downtown Julie Brown, is giving an exclusive look of what the fans are like at this weeklong event. MTV VJ’s Julie brown along with Alan hunter compile 80s icons that dish on some of their Rock N Roll firsts. Julie interviews Taylor Dayne, Thomas Dolby, members of cutting crew, Berlin and Sebastian Bach regarding their first album they were bought, first time I heard themselves on the radio and the first song they ever learn how to play. Later, hanging out with Bret Michaels. Brett has an in-depth interview about performing life whether it’s with a solo band or with poison and then later in the show performs “Nothin’ But A Good Time!”

Episode 2 Air Date 04/14/19: Mark Goodman open the show and reminisces on some of the best moments from the 80s with some of the biggest names in music during that time. Various 80s icons who are at the event discuss their favorite 80s movies including bands like When In Rome and Dave Wakeling of The English Beat and General Public along with Martin Fry of ABC and Thomas Dolby citing the sci-fi noir classic from the 80s “Blade Runner” also featured Wang Chung. and Taylor Dayne. This episode will feature interviews with actors who portrayed some of the most iconic roles during the 80s. Actor Robert Romano’s famously known for his character “Mike Damone” in the 1982 comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Tawny Kitaen Best known for her parents is in the Whitesnake video here I go again in addition to her film roles in bachelor party 1984 in addition to other films and TV. So interviewed are actors Diane Franklin most known for her role as Monique in the 1985 “better off dead” and the “last American virgin” 1982 and Julia Montgomery personal for her role as Betty Childs in the 1984 film”Revenge of the nerds”. Later in the show original MTV VJ Alan Hunter sitting down for an in-depth interview with Sebastian Bach before he hits the stage. Discusses 80s music and reveals that he loves all types of music really within the 80s including bands like Duran Duran for example. Sebastian Bach then performs “Dance On Your Grave” and “Dream Forever” LIVE for the fans

Episode 3 Air Date 04/21/19: Favorite memories from the ’80s. First off Dave Wakeling of The English Beat, and General Public along with Berlin and Martin Fry of ABC discuss “favourite 80s style”, “favorite 80s dance moves” along with original VJ Alan Hunter takes over discussing the same question with Wang Chung and Thomas Dolby. Richard Blade sits down with The English Beat’s Dave Wakeling  for an in-depth interview. Then Martin Fry of ABC is also interviewed by Richard Blade. Finally Richard concludes his interviews with BERLIN. Following the in-depth interview with the band they go on to perform an incredible concert that includes the songs “Take My Breath Away” and “METRO”

Episode 4 Air Date 04/28/19: Alan Hunter hosts this episode and starts with a recap og the past 3 episodes. Later, Richard blade and Alan hunter ask the various music artist about their “favorite song that isn’t yours”. Artists like  Cutting Crew, Thomas Dolby, Berlin and ABC answer this question. Downtown Julie Brown meets up with Taylor Dayne for an interview before she hits the stage to perform “Tell It To My Heart”. Alan Hunter dives deeper into the artist’s with this in-depth interview with Wang Chung and Cutting Crew plus a live performance of “Everybody Have Fun Tonight”.

Total Running Time is approximately 1 Hour 40 Minutes


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