ABC (Martin Fry) The Music Video Anthology & 1999 Profile (2 Hours)


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This DVD collection includes FIFTEEN RARE music videos (including alternate versions), a documentary short which includes interviews with nearly all band members.

1. Poison Arrow
2. Look Of Love
3. All Of My Heart
4. That Was Then But The Is Now
5. S.O.S.
6. How To Be A Millionaire
7. Be Near Me
8. Vanity Kills (Original Conceptual UK Version 1)
9. Vanity Kills (Second Conceptual US Version 2)
10. Ocean Blue
11. When Smokey Sings
12. The Night You Murdered Love
13. King Without A Crown
14. One Better World
15. Love Conquers All (RARE)
16. BBC’s UK Channel 4 Top Ten TV series 03/13/99: This weekly series lists an imaginary top 10 artists from different musical genres. This episode, hosted by Boy George is a Top 10 of 1980’s Romantics. Included is segment regarding ABC with current interviews with Martin Fry and other band members shot in late 1998.

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