ADELE The Video Archives 2020 Volume III


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  1. Saturday Night Live Season 46 Episode 4 10/24/20: Adele Hosts Her music doesn’t tell you this, but Adele’s funny. In the past, she’s only appeared as SNL’s musical guest, or as the glue holding American families together, but her less melodic appearances make it clear she’s got more than just a good sense of humor. She speaks with unselfconscious sass, and takes celebrity in stride; she doesn’t just commit to the dumb games she’s made to play on talk shows, she elevates them; she makes Beyoncé laugh and lets Jennifer Lawrence tackle her in the gay bars of New York. All this, and she’s got a delightfully wicked cackle. SNL didn’t confirm Adele until late last week, but even if she was a late invitee, Lorne Michaels’s instincts about her proved out. Whether as a vengeful ghost or a noxious version of herself, Adele throws herself into roles; despite confessing nervousness, she seems quite at home. She enjoys herself so much, in fact, that she nearly derails a sketch by laughing so hard. (Whole show-only segments that include Adele are featured here-no music guest or weekend update)


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