AEROSMITH The Video Archives 2021 Volume II


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  1. 4. AERSOMITH: Breaking The Band 1/31/21:  With over 150 million records sold worldwide in a career spanning a staggering 50 years- Aerosmith has truly earned its title as America’s greatest Rock n Roll band. Formed in 1970, the ‘Bad Boys from Boston’ soon became notorious for their raucous live performances and wild off-stage antics. They built their reputation with a blues infused hard-rock take on their 60’s heroes, The Rolling Stones. The early success of Aerosmith was built around the talents of iconic frontman Steven Tyler and guitar god Joe Perry – whose love/hate relationship and notorious drug abuse led to their nickname of the toxic twins. It also lay behind the first era of Aerosmith ending in disaster when in 1979 Joe Perry walked away from the band… Both Perry and the remaining members of Aerosmith spent years in the wilderness, drug addicted and broke and it appeared as though a promising career had been cut short. But in a remarkable and unprecedented turn around- the band reunited in 1984, staging one of the most unlikely comebacks in music history. Indeed, the second iteration of Aerosmith rose to even greater heights in the 1980’s and 1990’s, as the band captured the spirit of the MTV generation and moved beyond America to worldwide superstardom…In this feature length special we explore the inside story- told by those who were there- including, for the first time, the man behind their 1980’s resurrection, Manager Tim Collins, who’s tenure ended in bitter acrimony. This is the remarkable story of how the band survived 50 years of every kind of Rock n Roll excess- the breaking and remaking of Aerosmith…(90 Minutes)


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