ALANIS MORISSETTE The Music Video Anthology Blu-ray DVD (nearly 3 HOUR LONG!)


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All music videos are official and are COMPLETE and UNINTERRUPTED. This Blu-ray features ALL music videos in chronological order to better understand the growth of Alanis as an artist.  From her very early start as a pop artist in Canada to the absolute latest videos available. In this Blu-ray you’ll find a multi page menu along with chapters selections for EACH AND EVERY MUSIC VIDEO so you can get to your favorite video right away.

This Collection totals an incredible FORTY music videos in all totaling nearly THREE HOURS of music videos including alternate versions. Easily the most complete music video collection from start to finish available! Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have anywhere near ALL the music videos available in this unique offer.

Track List:

01. Too Hot
02. Walk Away
03. Feel Your Love
04. An Emotion Away
05. Real World
06. You Oughta Know
07. Hand In My Pocket
08. Ironic
09. You Learn
10. Head Over Feet
11. Uninvited
12. Thank U
13. Unsent
14. So Pure
15. That I Would Be Good
16. Hands Clean
17. Precious Illusions
18. Everything
19. Out Is Through
20. Eight Easy Steps
21. Hand In My Pocket (Acoustic Version)
22. Crazy
23. Underneath
24. Not As We
25. Guardian
26. Receive
27. Lens
28. Empathy
29. Today
30. Big Sur
31. The Morning
32. Still
33. Reasons I Drink
34. Smiling
35. Ablaze
36. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
37. What Child Is This?
38. I Miss The Band

Alternate Versions

39. Head Over Feet (Alternative Version)
40. Head Over Feet (Special Version)
Total Running Time: 2 Hours 46 Minutes

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