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Background: This extremely rare and hard to find documentary series that is impossible to find in the VHS format since it was deleted from its original release back in the late 90’s has now finally been remastered to DVD for the very first time. Some truths and facts about Elvis I’ve never been discussed anywhere else can be found in this one-of-a-kind documentary series

DISC 1 of 3

Volume I Episode 1: “The Secret Life of of Elvis”: Finally! The inside story! Elvis is the most recognizable entertainer on earth, but he was also one of the most private and secretive public figures. In this remarkable docuseries Elvis’ closest and constant companions were reunited as a group for the first time since Elvis’ funeral. The memories and feelings flowed, resulting in a complete picture of the true Elvis and an inside look at the incredible life that he lived.

Learn the shocking truth about Elvis’s marriage to Priscilla! Find out about Elvis his near death experiences! Relive the tragic and sometimes bizarre last year’s of Elvis with the men who were there! Never before has such a complete intimate look of Elvis Presley been available in a collectible documentary. Now you can be the “fly on the wall” and learn what it was like to live with a legend!

Duration: 1 Hour 2 Minutes 43 Seconds

Volume II Episode 2: “Rocket Ride To Stardom”: In this Second Volume Episode Two you’ll get an in-depth look at Elvis’ early years, from his birth in 1935 through his discharge from the army in 1960. From the dangerous sleepwalking escapades to the near-death experience in the army, this myth exploding episode will paint a portrait of the young Elvis as you have never known him! Relive the magic of the early days on tour, playing on the back of flatbed trucks for a small, but growing crowds. Learn about the kings newfound fame and his incredible acts of generosity! Discover the wild times Elvis had in the army, and learn about when he first met Priscilla! In their own words, Elvis’s closest friends, “the Memphis Mafia” give the most detailed eyewitness account of the king ever available-BECAUSE THEY WERE THERE!

Duration: 50 Minutes 28 Seconds


DISC 2 of 3

Volume III Episode 3: “Wild In Hollywood”: In this Third Volume Episode Three Elvis takes Hollywood by storm! From 1956 to 1969, Elvis was the box office king, starring in 31 films! Slip behind the scenes with “The Memphis Mafia” as they share firsthand accounts of Elvis’ wild parties, his heated love affairs with his leading ladies, and the incredible spending sprees as Elvis took on Hollywood! Find out how Elvis really felt about his beautiful leading ladies including the complete, inside story of his relationship with Ann-Margaret! This incredible episode takes you back to wild times when Elvis rubbed elbows with Hollywood elite, including Frank Sinatra, Juliette Prowse, Charlton Heston, Glen Ford, Robert Mitchum, Hope Lange and more!

Duration: 57 Minutes 25 Seconds

Volume IV Episode 4: “The King Comes Back”: In this Fourth Volume Episode Four you’ll see in here why Elvis was becoming dissatisfied with his “cookie-cutter” rolls in his movies. Musical styles are changing, and Elvis yearned for a return to his musical roots. From the ’68 comeback special to the triumphant return to Las Vegas, this episode takes you a long as the king reclaimed title as The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. You’ll hear firsthand how Elvis felt about the state of the music industry, including the Beatles. You’ll also hear about the dramatic changes in Elvis’ personal life from the birth of his daughter, to his growing interest in psychic powers and the occult, to the mounting pressure to stay on top. Hear how the incredible pressure force Elvis into increased drug use. It’s the inside story of Elvis as told by “The Memphis Mafia” – THE MEN WHO WERE THERE!

Duration: 56 Minutes


DISC 3 of 3

Volume V Episode 5: “Collapse of The Kingdom”: In this Fifth Volume Episode five you’ll see and hear the dramatic inside story of what it was like in the final seven years of Elvis’s life as told by The Memphis Mafia” – THE MEN WHO WERE! Hear about The Memphis Mafia” – THE MEN WHO WERE is fascination with guns and law-enforcement. Learning the incredible story of how Elvis stopped a plane on the airport runway to track a thief! Hear about “The Memphis Mafia’s” desperate attempt to save the King from his spiraling drug addiction including packing Elvis in ice! Relive the dramatic final days of Elvis’ life with THE MEN WHO WERE!

Duration: 55 Minutes 4 Seconds

Volume VI Episode 6: “The Legend Lives On”: In this Sixth Volume Episode six you’ll see and hear why Elvis Presley was, and still is, one of the most popular entertainers of all time. He has sold over 1 billion records-more than anyone in history. There are 450 fan clubs worldwide. But few knew of the man behind the legend. Now you can join Elvis’ closest friends and confidence “The Memphis Mafia” as they recap the incredible life they lived with Elvis Presley. Find out what made him so popular and what keeps him at the top even today! In this collectors edition episode six also explores what happened after Elvis died, and gives the complete reactions of the men who were with him from the very beginning to the very end. IT’S A MUST FORT EVERY ELVIS FAN!

Duration: 48 Minutes 12 Sedconds


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