And You Don’t Stop: 30 Years of Hip-Hop 3 DVD Set (COMPLETE 2004 Documentary-All Five Episodes 4 Hrs.)

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Original Air Date 10/04/04: This 2004 documentary film was  directed by Richard Lowe and Dana Heinz Perry. The film documents the development of hip hop culture since its inception in the 1970s. It was nominated for an IDA award in 2005. New York Times wrote “And You Don’t Stop’ stands out among the crisp, heavily graphic offerings usually on MTV and VH1, and it does a more thorough job than any film of collating 30 years of history given by hip-hop’s DJ’s, MC’s, rappers, critics and fans” Total Duration just under 4 Hours with ALL COMMERCIALS EDITED OUT

Disc 1
Episode 1: Back In The Day
Episode 2: Bring The Noise

Disc 2
Episode 3: Gangsta Gangsta
Episode 4: Life After Death

Disc 3
Episode 5: Hip Hop America

See below entire cast featured in this FIVE Episode documentary. If hip hop music means anything to you, especially if you’ve lived through the last 30 years of it, this documentary will mean a lot to you. VH1 gives us the definitive chronicle of hip hop from its beginnings in 1974 with DJ Kool Herc’s block parties in the South Bronx to today’s infusion in all parts of the country. This could not have been put together any better. I read a review somewhere that said “What PBS did for the Civil War, VH1 does for hip hop,” and I think that’s pretty accurate. The makers of this film treat the topic with as much reverence as Ken Burns does for “Baseball.” While it won’t get the credit it deserves, this probably ranks as the second-best documentary of 2004 right behind “Fahrenheit 9/11.” The greatest thing about this film is how it shows the evolution of the music with vintage footage and interviews with just about all of the movers and shakers. Even for someone who thinks they know everything there is to know about hip hop, you will learn something.

ENTIRE Cast of the documentary includes the following below. PLEASE NOTE: if the celebrity name below appears with “(archive footage)” that means that its footage from another time period. If their name appears without “(archive footage)” that means it is a NEW interview specifically for this documentary.

2 Live Crew, 50 Cent, Easy A.D., Bill Adler, A.J. (as DJ AJ), Almighty K.G., Jin Auyeung,  (archive footage), Afrika Bambaataa (archive footage) Jean Michel Basquiat (archive footage), Ol’ Dirty Bastard (archive footage), Tyson Beckford (archive footage), Busy Bee (archive footage), André Benjamin (as André 3000), Eric B. (archive footage), Big Boi, Bushwick Bill (archive footage), Mary J. Blige, Kurtis Blow (archive footage), Foxy Brown, James Brown (archive footage), Luther Campbell (The 2 Live Crew) (archive footage), Grandmaster Caz, Lil’ Cease (archive footage), Lil’ Rodney Cee  (archive footage) Mr. Cee, Charlie Chase (archive footage), George Clinton (archive footage), Lyor Cohen, Cheo Hodari Coker, Bootsy Collins (archive footage), Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs (as P. Diddy), Irwin Corey, (Archive footage), Ice Cube (archive footage), Angela Davis (archive footage), Nancy Davis (archive footage), Chuck D., Inspectah Deck (archive footage), Ruby Dee (archive footage), Def Leppard (archive footage), Calvert DeForest (archive footage), Ted Demme (archive footage), Mike D (Beastie Boys), DMX (archive footage), Nate Dogg (archive footage), Snoop Dogg, Dot-a-Rock (archive footage), Dr. Dre, Doctor Dré (archive footage), Jermaine Dupri (archive footage), Willie D. (archive footage), Eazy-E.. (archive footage), Missy ‘Misdemeanor’ Elliott (archive footage), Eminem, Eve (archive footage), Fab 5 Freddy, Fatlip (archive footage), Grandmaster Flash, Flavor Flav (archive footage), Funkmaster Flex, Malcolm S. Forbes (archive footage), Futura 2000 (archive footage), Gloria Gaynor (archive footage), Master Gee (archive footage), Nelson George, Irv Gotti, Warren G., The GZA (archive footage), M.C. Hammer (as Hammer), Big Bank Hank (archive footage), Tré Hardson (archive footage), Deborah Harry (as Debbie Harry), Havoc (archive footage), Jerry Heller (archive footage), Kool Herc, Lauryn Hill (archive footage), D.J. Hollywood (archive footage), Michael Holman, Dennis Hopper (archive footage), Adam Horovitz (as Ad Rock-Beastie Boys), Too $hort (archive footage), Humpty Hump (archive footage), DJ Hurricane (archive footage), Jalil Hutchins (archive footage), Fresh Kid Ice (The 2 Live Crew) (archive footage), Ice-T., Vanilla Ice (archive footage), Jimmy Iovine, Jesse Jackson (archive footage), Lord Jamar (archive footage) , Jay-Z, J.D.L. (archive footage), Wyclef Jean, Michele L. Jennings (as Mc Hammer Dancer) (archive footage), Fat Joe, Kimberly ‘Lil’ Kim’ Jones (archive footage), Lil’ Jon, Juvenile (archive footage), Big Daddy Kane (archive footage), Kase 2 (archive footage), Kid Rock, Ghostface Killah  (archive footage), Masta Killa (archive footage), Martin Luther King (archive footage), Rodney King (archive footage), Marion ‘Suge’ Knight (archive footage), Edward I. Koch (archive footage), KRS-One, Queen Latifah (archive footage), Crazy Legs (archive footage), Little Richard (archive footage), LL Cool J (archive footage), Jennifer Lopez (archive footage), Monie Love (archive footage), Ed Lover (archive footage), Ludacris (archive footage), MC Lyte, Mack 10 (archive footage), Craig Mack (archive footage), Nelson Mandela (archive footage), Method Man, Biz Markie, Brother Marquis (The 2 Live Crew) (archive footage), Eddie Martinez II (archive footage), Mase (archive footage), P.A. Pacemaster Mase (archive footage), Darryl McDaniels (as DMC), Ralph McDaniels, Melle Mel (archive footage), Wonder Mike, Sir Mix a Lot (archive footage), Mr. Mixx (archive footage), Jason Mizell (archive footage), Kool Moe Dee (archive footage), Money-B (archive footage), Mark Morales (archive footage), Nas, Nelly (archive footage), Huey P. Newton (archive footage), The Notorious B.I.G. (archive footage), Ted Nugent (archive footage), Billy Ocean (archive footage), Joe Perry (archive footage), Master P (archive footage), Posdnous (archive footage), Pras (archive footage), DJ Premier, Prodigy (archive footage), Professor Griff  (archive footage), Proof (archive footage), Big Pun (archive footage), Q-Tip (archive footage), ‘Lee’ George Quinones (archive footage), Raekwon (archive footage), Raheim (archive footage), Rakim (archive footage), Joey Ramone (archive footage), Johnny Ramone (archive footage), Ronald Reagan (archive footage), Kool DJ Red Alert (archive footage), Redman (archive footage), Christopher Reid (archive footage), M.C. Ren (archive footage), Busta Rhymes, Slick Rick (archive footage), Darren Robinson (archive footage), Romye Robinson (archive footage), Sylvia Robinson, Master Rob (archive footage), Sha Rock (archive footage), Steve Rubell (archive footage), Rick Rubin, RZA (archive footage), Raphael Saadiq (archive footage), Kelefa Sanneh, Scarface (archive footage), Michael Score (archive footage), Scorpio (archive footage), M.C. Serch (archive footage), Erick Sermon (archive footage), Tupac Shakur (archive footage), Roxanne Shanté (archive footage), Shock-G (archive footage), Beanie Sigel (archive footage), Joseph Simmons (as The Reverend Run/RUN-DMC), Russell Simmons, John Singleton (archive footage), Skeme (archive footage), Danyel Smith, Parrish Smith (archive footage), Will Smith, Bubba Sparxxx (archive footage), Chris Stein (as Blondie) (archive footage), Bill Stephney, Trugoy The Dove (archive footage), Grand Wizard Theodore, Ahmir-Khalib Thompson (as ?uestlove), T-Money (archive footage), Tony Tone (archive footage), Jeffrey A. Townes (archive footage), Steven Tyler (as Aerosmith) (archive footage), U-God (archive footage), Prince Whipper Whip (archive footage), Whodini (archive footage), Imani Wilcox (archive footage), Will i Am, Brian Williams (archive footage), Pharrell Williams Damon Wimbley (archive footage), Malcolm X (archive footage), Terminator X (archive footage), Adam Yauch (as MCA Beastie Boys) and DJ Yella (archive footage).

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  1. Djbull1 (verified owner)

    Great quality version of an awesome documentary. Any hip hop historian needs to own this. After a lot of searching on google was the only place I could get this 5 part series on DVD.

  2. Stephen Shane (verified owner)

    Awesome service. The DVD Set arrived within a few days. Would absolutely order from them again. Thank you for your help MVR!

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