Army Of Lovers ‎Hurrah Hurrah Apocalypse (The Definitive Video Collection 2 DVD Set) (NTSC Region 1 for USA and Canada)


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Product background and history: The original DVD of this collection was released in 2005 in Europe in Region 2 PAL format. Shortly after, the title was deleted making it pretty rare already by the mid 2000’s some 15 plus years ago. The only problem with the 2005 DVD was the fact that it was released exclusively in Europe and only in the PAL Region 2 format for only Europe making the DVD impossible to play for all of the North American fans along with the bands following in Canada.

American and Canadian Fans demanded a NTSC Region 1 version of the DVD back in 2005 when the initial DVD was released in Europe but it never happened. Finally after all of this, the RARE Region 2 Europe only DVD was discontinued making it extremely rare and impossible to find. Latest search turned up the original Region 2 DVD as a USED ITEM for as much as “$100.00″ from a website we won’t list.

Description: The DVD contains two movies (Le Grand Docu-Soap and Videovaganza) plus the “Hands Up” video. Both movies contain additional footage with Army Of Lovers between the videos. This DVD also contains “Videovaganza 1990-1993 ” which was released only in the Europe in 1993 on VHS in the PAL format. It contains the videoclips of the band, up to La Plage De Saint Tropez. It was recorded on the set of La Plage De Saint Tropez. It is a very rare item nowadays. It was later added to this DVD as an extra.

Now, here for the first time is a direct remastered transfer from the ORIGINAL PAL Region 2 DVD to our USA and Canada DVD version in Region 1 NTSC playable on ALL DVD Players in the USA and Canada.

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Track Listing:

Disc 1 of 2:


1. Ride the Bullet (Version 1)
2. My Army of Lovers
3. Crucified (Original 7′ Mix Version 1)
4. Obsession (Version 1)
5. Candyman Messiah
6. Ride the Bullet (Version 2)
7. Israelism
8. Judgement Day
9. La Plage De Saint Tropez
10. Sons Of Lucy
11. I Am
12. Lit De Parade
13. Sexual Revolution
14. Give My Life
15. King Midas
16. Let The Sunshine In

Disc 1 Duration: 1 Hour 6 Minutes


Disc 2 of 2:


17. Ride the Bullet (Version 1)
18. My Army of Lovers
19. Crucified (Version 2)
20. Ride the Bullet (Version 2)
21. Obsession (Version 2)
22. Judgement Day
23. Israelism
24. La Plage De Saint Tropez
25. Sons Of Lucy
26. Hands Up

Bonus Video (Unavailable on any other collection):

27. Crucified (Remix Version 3) RARE

Disc 2 Duration: 1 Hour 6 Minutes

Total Duration for Discs 1 & 2: 2 Hours 12 Minutes

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

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