THE BEE GEES Andy Gibb The Video Archives 1973-2020 Volume I


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  1. VH-1: Best of The Midnight Special Marathon Air Date 4/13/97 (Original Air Date 6/22/73): Bee Gees are the host as well as perform. The boys start with “I Gotta Get a Message to You” and Barry introduces Wilson Pickett. After on song The Bee Gees and Wilson Pickett perform “Hey Jude”. Later in the show Bee Gees perform “Run to Me,”, “Alexander’s Rag Time Band”
  2. 70’s Retro Special 1989: “You Should Be Dancing”
  3. Arsenio Hall Show 112/02/89: Been Gees perform “You Win Again Live”
  4. The 24th Annual American Music Awards 1/27/97: Bee Gees receive “The International Artist Award”. Includes a full profile segment of the history of the Bee Gees with a congratulatory message from John Travolta. Included is the acceptance speech from the Bee Gees
  5. Autopsy: the Last Hours of Maurice Gibb 03/19/16: A look at the life and death of Bee Gees member Maurice give who passed away on January 8, 2003 at his home in Miami, Florida USA. Maurice Gibb was one third of global mega-band, The Bee Gees. In a career spanning four decades, they sold over 220 million records. While his brothers sang lead vocals, Maurice was the hidden talent that held the band together and was considered by insiders to be the musical director. But on January 8th, 2003, Maurice Gibb collapsed in agony at his Miami home. He died 4 days later, at just 53. According to witnesses Maurice Gibb’s death came out of nowhere. What caused this seemingly healthy man to collapse and die is a mystery. Forensic examiner and Expert Coroner. Dr. Michael Hunter investigates the evidence to unravel the case of the death of Maurice Gibb.
  6. Autopsy: the Last Hours of Andy Gibb 03/01/20: on March 10, 1988 just five days after his 30th birthday Andy Gibb died. He was the youngest brother of the three Bee Gees brothers. The cause of death on his death certificate was given as myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle. It was also reported the cause of death as “inflammation of the heart”. What killed the youngest of the Bee Gees brothers became a mystery that pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter investigated using first-hand testimonies and reports. Encouraged by his family to go it alone as a solo artist, Andy had the greatest start in the history of the American Billboard charts, with three number one records before his 21st birthday. However, he was haunted by the fact that his brothers had written most of his songs and he was just riding on their coattails. He battled depression followed by alcohol and cocaine abuse, which put incredible stress on his heart. Despite his family’s best efforts, he ended up bankrupt and alone on his brother’s estate in England. Only his mother was there to witness his final days. Dr. Hunter took a look at Andy’s medical records to see if he could learn more about the factors involved in the singer’s untimely passing. “So far, I’ve discovered Andy Gibb suffered from breathlessness and abdominal pain and chest pains in the final months of his life. All clear symptoms of myocarditis, but going further back in Andy’s history, I’ve discovered reports that possibly indicate Andy had been showing signs of heart problems years before his death,” Dr. Hunter explained in the special. He continued, “Andy regularly complained of chronic fatigue. He even fell asleep live on-air in a radio interview, so was this simply the result of pressure from being a teen idol, or an early warning sign of the heart condition that would eventually take his life?”

TOTAL Running Time: 2 Hours

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