Berlin Music Video Anthology 1981-1987 and 2004 Reunion Documentary (1 Hr. 40 Mins)


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All music videos are official, COMPLETE, UNINTERRUPTED and all music videos are in the order that they were originally released. This Anthology totals NINE EXTREMELY RARE music videos, ONE performance and a documentary from one of the best loved bands of the 80’s. Just OVER NINETY MINUTES LONG!!!. The most complete music video collection of BERLIN from start to finish in the world!

1.    Sex (I’m A…)
2.    Masquerade
3.    The Metro
4.    Now It’s My Turn
5.    Dancing In Berlin
6.    No More Words
7.    You Don’t know
8.    Like Flames
9.    Take My Breath Away
10.   VH1’s Best of American Bandstand 5/12/84: No More Words   Performance-(Re-Broadcast 01/01/97)
11.    VH1’s Bands Reunited 01/19/04: This documentary includes In-depth interviews and profile of Berlin as the host seeks out original members for a reunion concert at The Roxy in Los Angeles, California. (45 Minutes)

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