Best of 70’s & 80’s Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Music Video Anthology (Various Artists) Volume I of V (Skid Row, White Snake, Dokken, Tesla, Scorpions, Rolling Stones, David Lee Roth, AC DC, Van Halen, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Twisted Sister Petty)


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  1. Skid Row                      Youth Gone Wild (Full Version)                       
  2. Whitesnake                   Is This Love?                       
  3. Dokken                         Into The Fire                       
  4. Slaughter                      Up All Night                       
  5. Tesla                             Love Song                       
  6. Scorpions                     No One Like You (Live Version 2)                       
  7. The Rolling Stones       Fool To Cry                       
  8. David Lee Roth            Just Like Paradise                       
  9. Faith No More              Falling To Pieces                       
  10. Living Colour                Open Letter (To A Landlord)                       
  11. AC DC                         Jailbreak                       
  12. Van Halen                    5150                       
  13. Frehley’s Comet (Kiss) Rip It Out                       
  14. Skid Row                      I Remember You (Full Version)                       
  15. Enuff Z ‘Nuff                 New Thing                       
  16. Kiss                              Thrills In The Night           
  17. Motley Crue                  Live Wire                       
  18. Mick Jagger                  Just Another Night                       
  19. Alice Cooper                Welcome To My Nightmare                       
  20. Ozzy Osbourne           Crazy Babies                       
  21. Twisted Sister              We’re Not Gonna Take It                       
  22. Led Zeppelin                Ten Years Gone (Knebworth 1979)                       
  23. The Rolling Stones      Gimme Shelter (Conceptual Vers. 1)                       
  24. Tom Petty                    Yer So Bad                       
  25. Aerosmith                    Lightning Strikes
  26. Aerosmith                    What It Takes

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