Best of 70’s & 80’s Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Music Video Anthology (Various Artists) Volume II of V (Van Halen, Motely Crue, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, Judas Priest, Rolling Stones, Pete Townsend, Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, Rush, Faith No More, Ozzy Osbourne)


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  1. Van Halen                                      Dreams (Blue Angels) (Conceptual Version 1)           
  2. Motley Crue                                   Home Sweet Home                       
  3. Led Zeppelin                                  Moby Dick (Live)                       
  4. Led Zeppelin                                  Rock ‘N Roll (Live)                       
  5. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Change Of Heart (Live)                       
  6. Judas Priest                                   Turbo Lover                       
  7. Faith No More                                Epic                       
  8. The Rolling Stones                        She Was Hot                       
  9. Pete Townshend (The  Who)         Slit Skirts                       
  10. The Rolling Stones                        Sympathy For The Devil                       
  11. Aerosmith                                      Summer Girls                       
  12. Bon Jovi                                        Everyday                       
  13. Nirvana                                         You Know You’re Right                       
  14. Slade                                             My Oh My                       
  15. Pink Floyd                                     On The Turning Away                       
  16. Led Zeppelin                                 Over The Hills And Far Away                       
  17. Rush                                             Body Electric                       
  18. Van Halen                                     Dreams (Live Version 2)                       
  19. Vinnie Vincent Invasion (Motley Crue) Love Kills                       
  20. Alice Cooper                                 Eighteen                       
  21. Led Zeppelin                                Dazed And Confused                       
  22. Ozzy Osbourne                            Shot In The Dark (Live)
  23. Rush                                            Mission                       

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