Best of 70’s & 80’s Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Music Video Anthology (Various Artists) Volume III of V (Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Kiss, Aerosmith, Rush, Meatloaf, Van Halen, Twisted Sister, Pink Floyd, Whitesnake, Bonham, Quiet Riot Brett Michael)


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  1. The Rolling Stones                                 Crazy Mama                       
  2. Led Zeppelin                                          Traveling Riverside Blues                       
  3. The Who                                                 Heatwave                       
  4. Queen                                                     Stone Cold Crazy                        
  5. Kiss                                                         I Love It Loud (Complete Version)                       
  6. Vinnie Vincent Invasion (Motley Crue) Boyz Are Gonna Rock                       
  7. Pink Floyd                                              Keep Talking                       
  8. Aerosmith                                               Angel                       
  9. Rush                                                       Marathon Man                       
  10. Aerosmith                                              The Other Side                       
  11. Meatloaf                                                 Bat Out Of Hell                       
  12. Van Halen                                              So This Is Love?                       
  13. Twisted Sister                                        You Can’t Stop Rock & Roll                       
  14. Pink Floyd                                             Fletcher’s Memorial Home                       
  15. Whitesnake                                           Give Me All Your Love                       
  16. Bonham                                                Guilty                       
  17. Led Zeppelin                                        The Song Remains The Same                       
  18. Van Halen                                             Feels So Good                       
  19. Quiet Riot                                             Bang Your Head (Metal Heatlh)                       
  20. The Rolling Stones                              Don’t Stop                       
  21. Scorpions                                            Rhythm Of Love                       
  22. Motley Crue                                         Don’t Go Away Mad (Just GoAway)                       
  23. Ratt                                                     I Want A Woman                       
  24. Pink Floyd                                           Astronomy Domine                       
  25. Brett Michael (Poison)                        Raine                       
  26. Scorpions                                           Big City Nights
  27. Ozzy Osbourne                                  Mama I’m Coming Home (“Osbournes” Version 2)

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