Best of 70’s & 80’s Hard Rock / Heavy Metal Music Video Anthology (Various Artists) Volume IV of V (David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani, Rush, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, Rolling Stones, The Doors, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Plant, Aerosmith, AC DC, Alice Cooper, Crue)


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  1. David Lee Roth                                  Stand Up                       
  2. Joe Satriani                                        Satch Boogie           
  3. Rush                                                   Vital Signs                       
  4. Ozzy Osbourne                                  Breaking All The Rules                       
  5. The Rolling Stones                             Shattered (Live)                       
  6. Kiss                                                     World Without Heroes                       
  7. The Rolling Stones                             She’s So Cold                       
  8. Rush                                                   Mystic Rhythms                       
  9. Alice Cooper                                       The Man Behind The Mask                       
  10. The Doors                                           L.A. Woman                       
  11. The Doors                                           Back Door Man                       
  12. Rush                                                   Superconductor                       
  13. Pink Floyd                                           Welcome To The Machine                       
  14. Stevie Ray Vaughn                             Superstition                       
  15. Motley Crue                                        Wild Side                       
  16. Stevie Ray Vaughn                             Change It                       
  17. Kiss                                                     Uh! All Night                       
  18. Twisted Sister                                     The Price                       
  19. AC/DC                                                 Sink The Pink                       
  20. Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble Crossfire                       
  21. Scorpions                                            No One Like You            
  22. Robert Plant                                        Big Log                       
  23. Pink Floyd                                           Wish You Were Here                       
  24. The Doors                                           Roadhouse Blues                       
  25. Aerosmith                                           Toys In The Attic                       
  26. Aerosmith                                           Janie’s Got A Gun                       


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