Best Of The Golden Era Various Artists (Region 2) 2 DVD Set (Psychedelic Furs, John Cale, Lou Reed, Killing Joke, Johnny Thunders, Lords of The New Church, Echo And The Bunnymen, Psychic TV, The Residents, Violent Femmes, The Smiths & Aztec Camera)


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The Best Of The Golden Era Various Artists (Region 2): Including Psychedelic Furs, John Cale, Lou Reed, Nick   Cave , Killing Joke, Alan Vega, Johnny Thunders, Lords Of The New Church, Echo And The Bunnymen, Psychic TV, The Residents, Violent Femmes, The Smiths and more!




From Spain , Lo Mejor de LA Edad de Oro  (“The Best Of The Golden Era”) : Volume I (Region 2)



1. Intro


2. Psychedelic Furs 01/01/85: Love My Way, Psychedelic Furs Interview and My Time Live


3. John Cale 02/26/85: Leaving It Up To You, John Cale Interview and one more song


4. Lou Reed 03/15/85: Down At The Arcade , Interview with Lou and Walk On The Wild Side


5. Nick   Cave and the Cavemen 11/20/84: Mutiny in Heaven & In the Ghetto


6. Killing Joke 10/06/83: Wardance, Interview and The Sun Goes Down


7. Alan Vega 1984: One Song Live


8. Johnny Thunders 06/12/84: Pipeline, Copycat, Interview & These Boots are Made for Walking


9. Lords Of The New Church 07/05/83: Interview, Holy War and one more song live


10. Echo and the Bunnymen 10/30/84: The Cutter


11. The Sound 10/02/84: Winning


12. Psychic TV 10/16/84: Interview and Music Video from Psychic TV


13. Psychic TV 10/16/84: One Song Live and interview continues with Genesis P Orridge


14. Spear Of Destiny 1984: The Wheel


15. Tom Verlaine 09/25/84: Glory


16. The Residents 06/21/83: Interview and The Observor live


17. SPK 12/15/83: Metal Dance


18. Violent Femmes 04/02/85: Blister In the Sun


19. Lords Of the New Church 01/05/84: You Really Got Me.


20. The Smiths 04/18/85: William It Was Really Nothing, Hand in Glove, interview with Moz and Johnny Marr and Heaven Knows I’m Misserable Now.


21. Aztec Camera 09/18/84: One Song Live 


22. Violent Femmes 04/02/85: Interview, Jesus Walking on the Water and Faith







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