Billie Eilish Music Video Anthology DVD 2016-2020 (22 Music Videos)


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All music videos are official and are COMPLETE and UNINTERRUPTED. This is without question the MOST COMPLETE MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION OF Billie Eilish IN THE WORLD. Four years of the entire history of Billie Eilish so far all provided to you here in for the first time in chronological order as they were made so you can better appreciate and witness the artistic evolution of this one of a kind artist. In this DVD you’ll find beautiful multi page menus with thumbnail pictures and chapters stops for EACH AND EVERY MUSIC VIDEO so you can get to your favorite video right away. This Collection totals an incredible TWENTY TWO music videos in all!!! A total of nearly TWO HOURS of ALL the music videos from Billie’s music videos including alternate versions for “you should see me in a crown” and “bad guy”.

This DVD was sourced from various masters, so quality varies slightly on “Six Feet Under” otherwise all are in HD quality.. Having said that, a majority of these music videos have been upgraded in most cases and/or have audio upgrades whenever possible. However, please note: this Reel was originally created for demonstration, promotion and/or marketing purposes, thus it is not considered broadcast quality nor should it be used for such purposes.

  1. Ocean Eyes (Conceptual Version 1)
  2. Six Feet Under
  3. Ocean Eyes (Conceptual Dance Version 2)
  4. Bellyache
  5. Bored
  6. dont smile at me
  7. watch (Original Version 1)
  8. idontwannabeyouanymore (Vertical Video)
  9. watch (Acoustic Version 2)
  10. lovely (Feat. Khalid)
  11. you should see me in a crown (Live Version 1)
  12. bitches broken hearts (Live Version)
  13. you should see me in a crown (Vertical Version 2)
  14. hostage
  15. when the party’s over
  16. bury a friend
  17. bad guy (Conceptual Version 1)
  18. you should see me in a crown (Conceptual Version 3) (By Takashi Murakami)
  19. bad guy (Vertical Version 2)
  20. all the good girls go to hell
  21. xanny
  22. everything i wanted

This is a natural addition for all the Eyelashers, Avacados, avid collector or devotee of BILLIE EILISH as you will NOT see this particular type of collectable likely to be offered elsewhere as THIS COLLECTION IS THE MOST COMPLETE IN THE WORLD! Totaling OVER 20 music videos including alternate versions for “you should see me in a crown” and “bad guy”. .

Another one of a kind unique offering from the team here at MVR


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