BILLY IDOL (Generation X) The Video Archives 1979-1991 Volume I


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This nearly two hour DVD is an edited compilation spanning footage from as early as  1979 to 1991 from both the USA and Australia. This DVD Archive features ALL segments in chronological order to see the growth of Billy as an artist. This volume documentaries, live performances and interviews many of which aired only one time so its a great find for any USA fan and completely rare to any collector outside the USA. Available here, only at MVR.

1. USA’s N i g h t F l i g h t 1983: Exclusive in-depth interview pseudo-philosophical takes on “all the violence” in punk rock. Along the way managing to throw Sham 69 & The Angelic Upstarts under the bus. He also slyly obliterates any definition of punk rock into utter meaninglessness, thus allowing wiggle room for his “stupid, nonsensical and almost fascist” career to exist.
2. MTV’s Rock ‘n Roll New Year’s Ball 12/31/1983: Introduction from original VJ Alan Hunter and Billy rips into his set with “Ready Steady Go”, “(Do Not) Stand In The Shadows”, “Kiss Me Deadly”, “White Wedding”, “Rebel Yell”, “Flesh For Fantasy”, “Dancing With Myself” and “Mony, Mony”
3. Saturday Night Live (Season 9, Episode 11) Original Air Date 01/28/84: Don Rickles introduces Billy Idol. Following Billy and the band perform White Wedding and later Rebel Yell LIVE
4. Australia TV “Countdown” 04/29/84: Message from Billy prior to opening then the opening to the program with Billy and his fans in Australia. Later a performance of Rebel Yell with Billy Idol and Steve Stevens. Also featuring a exclusive interview with Billy Idol by Molly Meldrum Part 1 of 2. Later Billy introduces a Madonna music video. Interview continues with Molly Meldrum Part 2 of 2. RARE
5. The Late Late Show with David Lettermen 07/24/84: Interview with Billy Idol. Billy discusses his latest music video; his recent vacation and living in New York City.
6. The First Annual MTV Video Music Awards 09/1984: Original opening including Billy Idol. Director Tobe Hooper and Billy Idol are interviewed in a “Making a video” segment. Later a presentation by Billy of The “Viewer’s Choice” Award to Michael Jackson
7. The 33rd Annual Grammy Awards 02/20/91: Cradle of Love LIVE
8. MTV Video Music Awards 09/90: Billy Idol presents the B-52‘s with an award for “Love Shack” and
9. MTV Video Music Awards 09/91: Billy Idol presents Award for “Best Alternative Video”
10. MTV Rocumentary 1991: In-Depth Profile and interview with Billy Idol including a exclusive interview made for the documentary in   1991. Also included is a 1991 interview with Steve Stevens. Also features are archive MTV interviews from 1983 and 1986 from Billy.
11. Classic 1991: Two interview clips from Billy from the same interview session of the Rockumentary above.
12. Australian TV MTV News 1991: New Report on the “Charmed Life Tour” which includes a sit down interview with Billy and Live footage of Prodigal Blues and “L.A. Woman” during the Charmed Life Tour


13. Australian TV 1979: Generation X Live at The Marquee in London, England 1979: “New Orders” LIVE

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