BILLY IDOL and Generation X The Video The Archives 1978-2020 Volume V


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  1. Rock Legends 04/06/16: English rock musician Billy Idol’s career as well as his personal life are recalled and discussed in-depth, from his days as a member of the punk rock band Generation X to his success as a solo artist. Discussion about Billy’s early arrival in New York City in 1981. Billy’s music videos are discussed regarding the impact of the videos conceptual ideas. This documentary includes various archival photographs from early concerts and scenes from various music videos throughout the years (All commercials edited out)
  2. PUNK: The Early Years (1978): The following are only excerpts from the full length hour film that contains only scenes that include Generation X performing live at The Marquee in the late 70’s along with Billy Idol being interviewed regarding the punk scene the energy and their intention for the future. RARE

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