Bob Marley Video Archives DVD Volume II (A& E Biography: 2004 Documentary)


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Air Date 9th of October  2004: This 2004 produced documentary Born February 6, 1945 in Jamaica, Bob Marley would grow into the King of Reggae, helping spread the music worldwide. In 1962, Marley and his friends formed “The Wailers” and had their first hit with the 1963 single “Simmer Down”. This success ultimately led to an explosion of Marley’s music around the world. In 1976, the Rastafarian was shot by gunmen during the Jamaican election campaign, but survived and continued to soar in popularity until his 1981 death due to brain, lung, and stomach cancer. Interviews with O’Neil Hamilton (Jamaican Ministry of Information), Jeremy Collingwood of, Dermont Hussey (Program Director: “The Joint XM”), Concert Promoter Dera Tompkins. Wailer’s Guitarist Junior Marvin and Wailers Bass Player / Arranger Aston “Familyman” Barrett. Also interviewed is Photographer Dennis Morris

Duration approximately 45 minutes

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