Bjork & Sugar Cubes Music Video Anthology 1986-2011 (2 DVD Set 2 Hours 50 Minutes)

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Bjork & Sugar Cubes Music Video Anthology 1986-2011 (2 DVD Set 3 Hours 30 Minutes) 

All the music videos are in the order that they were originally released. This DVD set includes an astounding FOURTY SEVEN music videos in all from BOTH The Sugarcubes and Bjork including the LATEST music videos from Bjork including CRYSTALLINE from 2011, Earth Intruders and Innocense . Also included are rare alternate versions, censored and uncensored versions as well as (in some cases) completely different conceptual versions as well. All of the Music Videos are OFFICIAL unless stated as “live”. The music video labeled as “Live” were released as music videos despite the fact that they are live performances.
This 2 DVD set comes complete with multi page sectional menu’s representing the individual album releases from Bjork. The list below reflects the format of the menu. Also included are chapter images for each LP. The following track listing is complete, they include
Sugarcubes &Bjork Music Video Anthology 1986-1996 Volume I
The Sugarcubes 1986-1992
1.     Birthday (Original Icelandic Version 1)
2.     Coldsweat
3.     Deus
4.     Motorcrash
5.     Luftgítar
6.     Regina
7.     Planet
8.     Eat the menu
9.     Birthday (New Conceptual English Version 2)
10.  Hit
11.  Walkabout
12.  Vitamin
Sugarcubes Alternate Version
13.  Birthday (Alternate Conceptual English Version 3) (RARE)
Bjork 1993-1996
Debut July 5, 1993
14.  Human Behaviour
15.  Venus As A Boy
16.  Play Dead
17.  Big Time Sensuality” (Original Version1)
18.  Violently Happy” (Conceptual Version 1)
Debut Alternate Versions
19.  Aeroplane” (Live) (RARE)
20.  Big Time Sensuality” (Alternate Ending Version 2) (RARE)
21.  Violently Happy” (Live Version 2) (RARE)
Post June 13, 1995
22.  Army of Me
23.  Isobel
24.  It’s Oh So Quiet
25.  Hyperballad
26.  Possibly Maybe
27.  I Miss You
Sugarcubes &Bjork Music Video Anthology 1997-2011 Volume II
Homogenic September 22. 1997
28.  Joga
29.  Bachelorette
30.  Hunter
31.  Alarm Call
32.  All is Full of Love
Dancer in The Dark (Soundtrack) 2000
33.   I’ve Seen It All” (Live)
Vespertine August 27, 2001
34.  Hidden Place
35.  Pagan Poetry (Original Director’s Cut-Uncensored Version 1)
36.  Cocoon (Original Uncensored Version)
37.  It’s In Our Hands
Vespertine Alternate Version
38.  Pagan Poetry (Censored Version 2) (RARE)
Medulla August 30, 2004
39.  Nature Is Ancient
40.  Oceania
41.  Who Is It (Carry My Joy on the Left, Carry My Pain on the Right)
42.  Triumph Of The Heart
43.  Desired Constellation
44.  Where Is The Line
Volta May 2, 2007
45.  Earth Intruders
46.  Innocense 1
Biophilia June 8, 2011
This DVD Set totals just under THREE and a HALF HOURS LONG! A fantastic must have double DVD collection for any Bjork or Sugarcubes devotee. Even if you own ALL prior music video collections released prior  you still would not have ALL the music videos available in this unique 2 DVD Anthology

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    Bought this DVD Set for my son. He would recommend it good music videos; nice.

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