Blondie Video Archives 2010-2014 Volume IV (Private Sessions and Biography Doc.)


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1. A&E’S Private Sessions 10/08/2010: Opening, Call Me Live, then Deborah Harry, Chris Stein and Clem Burke enjoy an interview with host Lynn Hoffman about the band’s early days and her much-loved sense of style, The band then performs Heart of Glass, interview continues with Debbie, Chris and Clem. Live performance of One Way Or Another, interview continues. Live performance where the band through out the show debuts two news songs, the first titled “Mother” and “What I Heard,” from their forthcoming platter, The Panic of Girls, which is slated for a 2011 release. Also in another part of the interview segments includes a question from film director John Waters to Deborah.

2. A&E’S Biography 12/19/10: New wave rock group, formed in 1974 with members Deborah “Debbie” Harry (1945- , vocals) and Chris Stein (1950- , guitar), later joined by Jimmy Destri (1954- , keyboards), Gary Valentine (bass), and Clem Burke (1955- , drums). Their 1978 album Parallel Lines included the hit single “Heart Of Glass,” which reached number 1 in both the UK and US music charts. Much of the visual appeal of the group was focused on Debbie Harry, and the group lost impetus in the early 1980s once she began to branch out into films and television. Acting in films from 1978, Harry found some success with Videodrome (1983). Her later films include Satisfaction (1988), Heavy (1995), Red Lipstick (2000), and I Remember You Now (2005). The group reformed in 1999 and released a single, “Maria,” which reached number 1 in the British music charts. In 2006 they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Blondie remains a popular live act. In 2009, the band went on the road with another ’80s music star Pat Benatar for the Call Me Invincible Tour.

3. Isle of Wight Festival 2010: What I Heard, Hanging On The Telephone and One Way Or Another

4. Isle of Wight Festival 2013: Call Me and Atomic

5. Talk Stoop 11/02/14: Opening, Coming Up next Teaser and interview with Debbie and Chris Stein

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