Blondie Video Archives 1979-2020 Volume VI (In Progress Unavailable)


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1. CBS Sunday Morning 08/03/17: Opening, teaser and then interview and profile of Debbie and Blondie’s new LP. Also included is a new interview with Chris Stein. Visuals of Shepard Fairey’s new mural in lower East side of Manhattan pf Blondie across the street from the original location of CBGB’s which Debbie takes a tour of.

2. Late Night with Seth Myers 09/21/17: Opening and Blondie performs “Long Time” from the LP Pollinator LIVE

3. BBC The Graham Norton Show 10/19/19: Debbie Harry discusses her new memoir

4. Rock Legends 02/17/16: The episode explores the amazing career of punk rock pioneer Blondie. Debbie Harry fronts the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted American rock band, with Chris Stein on guitar. Blondie broke out in 1978 with their third studio album Parallel Lines, which spawned the hit single “Heart of Glass.” Other Blondie hits include “Call Me,” “Rapture,” “The Tide is High” and more.

5. Saturday Night Live Season 5 Episode 1 10/13/79: Host Steve Martin, Opening and Blondie performs “Dreaming” and “The Hardest Part” then closing segment with Blondie

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