Bob Marley Video Archives DVD Volume III (Celebrity Legacies: 2014 Documentary)


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Reelz presents Celebrity Legacies 12/11/14: Bob Marley – the king of reggae – revolutionized music and had an everlasting affect on society. When he died at 36 he’d changed the world with his music – and created a multi-million dollar legacy. But without a will and with 11 children, 7 baby mommas, and 21 ex band members, the battle for his name and fortune was dirtier than he could have ever imagined. Though Marley cared little for money, in the years since his death, his fortune grew larger than life. With his empowering message came a powerful fortune. Bob Marley left behind a fortune that has done nothing but grow and cause bitterness. (All commercials edited out 45 Minutes)

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