Bow Wow Wow & Anabella Lwin Solo Video Archives Volume I


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Music Videos

1. Baby Oh No
2. C-30, C-60, C-90 Go!
3. I Want My Baby on Mars
4. Louis Quartorze
5. Chihuahua
6. Do You Wanna Hold Me?
7. I Want Candy
8. Mario (Your Own Way to Paradise)
9. W.O.R.K. (No Nah, No No My Daddy Don’t)

10. Live In Concert November 1981: W.O.R.K. (No Nah, No No My Daddy Don’t), Chihuahua, Prince of Darkness, Golly, Golly Go Buddy, See Jungle (Jungle Boy), Elimination Dancing, Go Wild In the Country, Theme A? (Instrumental), Radio G String, Giant Sized Baby Thing, T.V. Savage, Uomo Sex Al Apache, C-30, C-60, C-90 Go!, Louis Quartorze Total Length (43:48)

10. Interview with Bow Wow Wow (all members) 4/82: on the set of “I Want Candy” Music video RARE (11 mins.)
11. Live at Five (Local N.Y. program) 1981: In-Depth Interview with Annabella Lwin
12. American Bandstand 3/83: Do You Wanna Hold Me?, Interview & Aphrodisiac (8 mins.)
13. Solid Gold 3/83: Do You Wanna Hold Me?
14. Annabella Lwin (Solo) 10/85:”Don’t Dance with Strangers” (Music Video) RARE
15. Annabella Lwin (Solo) 4/86: “Fever” (Music Video)
16. VH-1’s Where are They Now? 12/98: Opening, Teaser, In-depth profile and Interview with Annabella Lwin and Leroy Gorman and ending credits (6:57)
17. “Scandalous” (Movie) 1983: Scene from film where Bow Wow Wow performs “Where’s My Snake?” live (2:36)
18. VH1’s “Before They Were Stars” 1998 Interview with Annabella

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