Bow Wow Wow & Anabella Lwin Solo Video Archives Volume II


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1. Top of the Pops (UK TV BBC) 2/11/82: (Original Broadcast) Go Wild In the Country (Performance)
2. show title unknown (German TV) 1981: Prince of Darkness (Live Performance) & Interview with Annabella (in English RARE)
3. show title unknown (Holland TV) 1981: Band Profile and Interview (English)
4. White Light (UK TV) 1982: See Jungle (Jungle Boy) & Cowboy (live Performance)
5. Top of the Pops II (UK TV BBC) 1995: (Re-Broadcast from 2/11/82) Go Wild In the Country (Performance)
6. The Chart Show (UK TV) 1990’s: I Want Candy (Music Video) with facts and history about the band through out the video
7. VH1’s The Rupaul Show 4/25/98: I Want Candy (Live Performance during “The Barking Mad Tour 97-98”)
8. Videowave (Local NYC TV show) 5/17/97: (Re-Broadcast from 1983 shortly after the last gigs in the US) Interview with Anabella Lwin

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