Bronski Beat, Communards & Jimmy Somerville (solo) Music Video Anthology (1.5 Hrs.)


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All music videos are official, complete and uninterrupted. All the music videos are in the order that they were originally released and segregated in to three sections, first Bronski Beat, second The Communards and finally Jimmy Somerville’s solo effort HEART BEAT. THIRTEEN MUSIC VIDEOS in all TOTALING just under ONE HOUR including the ULTRA RARE HEART BEAT (Jimmy Somerville-Solo 2004), This DVD comes with a lovely menu, full complete chapter selections and thumbnails for each video. The most complete music video collection of Bronski Beat,  The Communards and Jimmy Somerville from start to finish in the world. Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have ALL the music videos available in this unique collection

Bronski Beat:

1.    Smalltown Boy
2.    Why?
3.    It Ain’t Necessarily So
4.    Love To Love You Baby
5.    I Feel Love
6.    Bronski Beat with Marc Almond: Johnnie Remember Me (Long Version)
7.    Hit That Perfect Beat (RARE)

The Communards:

8.    You Are My World
9.    Disenchanted
10.     Don’t Leave Me This way
11.     So Cold The Night
12.     Never Can Say Goodbye (RARE)

Jimmy Somerville (Solo):

13.     Heart Beat (RARE)

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