BLOW OUT 4 LEFT @ THIS PRICE Bronski Beat, Communards & Jimmy Somerville The Music Video Anthology 1984-2018 Volumes I & II (2 DVD Set-4 Hours)

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All music videos are complete, uninterrupted and in the original chronological order that they were created. This DVD Set comes with multi-page menus and complete chapter selections for each music video. This collection is comprised of all conceptual music videos including more recent videos like “Smalltown Boy Reprise” in 2014. Also included in the Two DVD Set are RARE REMIX music videos as well!

This DVD Set includes seven music videos from Bronski Beat (including remixes), eleven from The Communards and finally twenty three from Jimmy Somerville as a solo artists. This compiles to OVER FOURTY music videos in all spanning the years from 1984 to Jimmy’s latest, 2015’s “Homage” LP with “Some Wonder”. This is without question; hands down the most complete Bronski Beat, Communards & Jimmy Somerville Music Video Collection that has ever existed in the world! TOTALING FOUR HOURS LONG on Two separate DVDs!!!

Bronski Beat, Communards & Jimmy Somerville The Music Video Anthology 1984-2018 Volumes I & II (2 DVD Set) TRACK LISTING:

Bronki Beat & The Communards The Music Video Anthology 1984-1988 Volume I

Bronski Beat:
1984 The Age of Consent

1. Smalltown Boy
2. Why?
3. It Ain’t Necessarily So
4. Bronski Beat with Marc Almond:I Feel Love (Medley) Love To Love You Baby/Johnnie Remember Me

1986 Truthdare Doubledare

5. Hit That Perfect Beat (Original Conceptual Version 1)
6. C’mon! C’mon!
7. Hit That Perfect Beat (Extended “Instant Mix” Version 2)

The Communards:
1986 Communards

8. You Are My World (Original Version 1 with introduction)
9. Disenchanted
10. Don’t Leave Me This Way (Original Conceptual Version 1 4:36)
11. So Cold The Night
12. Don’t Leave Me This Way (Extended Version 2 5:43)


13. You Are My World – ’87

1987 Red

14. Tomorrow
15. Never Can Say Goodbye
16. For A Friend
17. There’s More To Love Than Boy Meets Girl


18. Dancing Queen 1988

Jimmy Somerville (Solo) The Music Video Anthology 1989-2015 Volume II

Jimmy Somerville (Solo):

1989 Read My Lips

19. (Comment Te Dire) Adieu Featuring June Miles-Kingston
20. You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
21. Read My Lips (Enough Is Enough)
22. To Love Somebody (Bee Gees Cover)

1990 Red, Hot + Blue, a tribute to Cole Porter

23. From This Moment On

1991 The Singles Collection 1984/1990

24. Run From Love


25. Voice Of The Beehive & Jimmy Somerville – Gimme Shelter (Rolling Stones Cover)

1995 Dare To Love

26. Heart Beat (Original Conceptual Version 1) (MEGA RARE)
27. Hurt So Good Rare
28. By Your Side
29. Safe In These Arms
30. Heartbeat (Remix Version 2)

1999 Manage The Damage

31. Something To Live For
32. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Video Montage)
33. Here I am

2004 Home Again

34. Come On (2017 Remix)


35. Blue Ray feat. Jimmy Somerville – You & Me (Radio Edit)
36. Brainsick Feat. Jimmy Somerville – You and Me

2009 Suddenly Last Summer

37. Where Have All The Flowers Gone? (Cover)
38. People Are Strange (The Doors Cover)


39. Scratch Massive Feat. Jimmy Somerville – Take Me There (Uncensored Version)


40. Smalltown Boy Reprise 2014

2015 Homage

41. Some Wonder

Even if you own ALL prior music video collections you still would not have ALL the music videos available in this unique collection! Another one of kind exclusive music video collection brought to exclusively by Music Video Resource

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