Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music Video Archives 1986-1994 Volume I


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1. USA’s N i g h t F l i g h t 1986: Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry Profile, Avalon (Music Video), Profile continues, Exclusive Interview with Bryan Ferry by Lisa Robinson (Part 1 of 4): Bryan discusses his life with Jerri Hall, The Price of Love (Music Video), Exclusive Interview with Bryan Ferry by Lisa Robinson (Part 2 of 4): Bryan discusses his public persona and personal life, Angel Eyes (Music Video), profile continues, Same Old Scene (Music Video), profile continues, Jealous Guy (Music Video), Exclusive Interview with Bryan Ferry by Lisa Robinson (Part 3 of 4): Bryan discusses the fact that many artists have called him an influence, profile continues, Let’s Stick Together (Music Video), Exclusive Interview with Bryan Ferry by Lisa Robinson (Part 4 of 4): Bryan discusses working as Roxy Music and internal conflicts and Slave to Love (Music Video) (30:01)
2. Bryan Ferry: Is Your Love Strong Enough? (Music Video) (5:05)
3. Bryan Ferry: The Right Stuff (Music Video) (4:09)
4. Bryan Ferry: Kiss and Tell (Music Video) (Original Conceptual Version 1) (3:52)
5. Bryan Ferry: Limbo (Music Video) (4:42)
6. Live at Five (LOCAL NYC TV SHOW AIRED ONLY ONCE) 12/03/87: RARE In-depth in studio Interview with Bryan Ferry discussing Bete Noire (6:21)
7. Saturday Night Live 12/05/87: Opening introduction of Bryan Ferry, The Right Stuff and Kiss and Tell (LIVE) and closing segment (10:45)
8. MTV’s The Week In Rock 12/06/87: Interview with Bryan Ferry (2:41)
9. CNN Showbiz Today 08/12/88: Interview / Profile of Bryan Ferry (2:08)
10. MTV Music News 8/22/88: “Musicians in Commercials” featured is a Japanese Commercial with Bryan Ferry sing “Dont Stop the Dance” (4:37)
11. The 1988 MTV Video Music Awards 09/07/88: Bryan presents award along with Melanie Griffith for “Breakthrough Video” (2:43)
12. Roxy Music: More Than This (Music Video) (4:10)
13. MTV’s Now Hear This 01/08/90: New LP segment including Bryan’s next release (:10)
14. Live Aid 07/13/85: (Original Broadcast) Bryan Ferry Live with David Gilmour: Sensation, Boys and Girls, Slave to Love and Jealous Guy (14:25)
15. The Tonight Show 04/03/93: Opening, I Put A Spell On You (LIVE), Interview and Will You Love Me Tomorrow (LIVE) (9:38)
16. Bryan Ferry: Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Music Video) 4/93 (4:23)
18. The Late Show 11/24/94: Bryan Ferry, Love Is the Drug (LIVE) (5:04)
19. Extra 11/26/94: Bryan Ferry Interview / Profile discusses Taxi (1:21)
20. The Wiz Commercial 11/94: Momouna LP (:30)

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