BURT REYNOLDS Ultimate INTERVIEW COMPILATION 1973-2018 Memorial DVD 2 HOURS LONG (includes FIVE Tonight Show Appearances)


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A collection of some of the funniest and most historic TV appearances of the late Burt Reynolds that were ever produced. As Johnny mentions, America came to know Burt Reynolds through his Tonight Show appearances. This DVD includes four of them including his LAST appearance on the program. This professionally edited DVD is without any commercials or fluff, just the content of this one of a kind actor.
Here you can go back in time with Johnny and Burt and watch nearly all of his appearances in this professionally edited interview compilation. This DVD is provided in chronological order for your enjoyment. This way you can see Burt’s progression through his career and films. In this compilation Burt discusses some of his most famous roles such as “The Longest Yard” and the classic 80’s film “Sharky’s Machine” and jokes around with the likes of Dom DeLuise and much more. Plenty of funny moments here that will make us all remember what a talented and congenial person he really was. DVD comes with complete menu and chapter selections for each and every segment listed below along with the case as seen in photos provided.
Burt Reynolds Interview Compilation 1973-2018 
  1. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 10/02/73: Opening and Burt discusses 6 film projects he’s working on including “The Longest Yard” even though he doesn’t mention it by name. Also discusses his first music album, hernia operation and the fact that he’s hypoglycemic and his work on Gunsmoke
  2. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 09/26/74: Opening, Dom DeLuise is already on the program when Burt is introduced. This is a CLASSIC appearance. This is the infamous show where Burt sprays Johnny and himself with Ready Whip, just hysterical moments here and easily a highlight from the entire series of the Tonight Show. Also included is Art Carney of The Honeymooners who is completely tipsy on camera. Burt refers to this appearance in the future on his LAST Tonight Show appearance in 1992. The 1992 segment is also included in this exclusive compilation on segment number 5. Burt also discusses his then new movie that became a classic for his career “The Longest Yard” and includes a scene from the film.
  3. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 02/11/82: Opening Johnny and Burt discuss the first time he was on the show and his infamous Cosmopolitan magazine appearance along with Johnny offering him to host the program. Also discussed is Burt’s then new film “Sharkey’s Machine” and shows some bloopers from the film and screen test with Rachel Ward.
  4. Good Sex with Dr. Ruth Westheimer 12/13/84: Opening, then diminutive dynamo sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer (she’s just 4′ 7″) had a chat with the famously-mustached macho Burt Reynolds on the Lifetime Channel’s “Good Sex” TV show. Reynolds answered questions and helped field phone calls from viewers watching at home during the episode. “I have to tell you, Burt,” Dr. Ruth tells Reynolds at the top of the show, “… that since you are the sexiest man in the country, it makes perfect sense for you to be on my show.” The good-natured, occasionally boisterous Reynolds who jokes throughout the episode, flashing his sly smile, giggling with that unmistakable laugh of his — tells her that he doesn’t know if he’s the “sexiest” man in the country, but that maybe he was in the “top ten.”
  5. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 03/12/92: Opening and Burt very LAST appearance on the Tonight Show during his success with the award winning TV Series “Evening Shade”. Burt insists on showing a scene from a classic 1973 appearance on the Tonight Show with Burt spraying Johnny with Whip Cream and they fight with it. This entire interview can be seen above on segment #1. Burt reminisces about the one time he hosted the Tonight Show and how it bombed. Really funny how he describes it. Then Burt surprises Johnny yet again by pulling out another can of Whip Cream and starts it all over again and makes a mess of the set. A classic moment
  6. The Today Show 09/07/18: In-depth Profiles of Burt career as they announce his passing from the day before. This installment includes TWO SEGMENTS from the program that aired one hour apart from each other are seen here edited together. The second segment includes one of his last interviews on national television in March of 2018. Included are quotes from the celebrities he worked with and actors who admired him
  7. Entertainment Tonight Weekend 09/08/18: Profile of the actor and comments from Mary Lou Henner
Own a piece of history with this unique collection of interviews and watch them as they were made in chronological order. Makes a great gift for that special fan of this great actor’s work. All orders sent out in 24 hours or less after purchase so you can get yours immediately.

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