cathy dennis. move to this ‘the videos’ (1991) (Remastered from LaserDisc to DVD)


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Released exclusively on the long since discontinued and deleted formats of VHS and LaserDisc on the 25th November 1991 the following has NEVER been released on DVD until NOW!

This REMASTERED DVD is sourced directly from the original high quality LaserDisc to DVD for the first time ever! Quality is unmatched as it transferred from the long since deleted LaserDisc from OVER THIRTY ONE years ago.

Background: The music video compilation was issued exclusively in the LaserDisc format only in Japan. The VHS was also released in the Japan in addition to the UK and Australia in the PAL format. There are no other known releases of this compilation in any other format in the world. The rare Japanese release of the LaserDisc was sourced for the  REMASTERING of this DVD. Still to this day, this vintage music video collection has NEVER been officially released in ANY COUNTRY on DVD until NOW! So here, offered in the best possible quality, available for the first time ever  is the REMASTERED from LaserDisc to DVD for all you DANCE fans of Cathy Dennis!

Another original offer from your team at MVR!

Description:  Soon after “C’mon Get My Love” was released, Cathy and Danny co-wrote and produced the song “Just Another Dream” which Cathy would release in early 1990 as her debut single. Cathy returned to Danny for comfort and would sing vocals on his next release “That’s The Way Of The World” which would make No.5 on the US dance chart and No.48 on the UK singles chart.  Cathy tried again with “Just Another Dream” in October 1990, this time making No.95 in the UK. The song was, however, accepted with open arms in America where it would climb to No.9 on the singles chart and No.2 on the dance chart.

By now writing and recording for her debut album was complete and Cathy was eager to share this with her new found fame. Released in December 1990 in The US, would take six months to finally peak at No.67, spending a total of 40 weeks on the chart and selling over 400,000 copies. The second single “Touch Me (All Night Long)” was the next to be released in America in January 1991, which was a drastic re-write of US singer Fonda Rae’s 1984 original, binning everything but the chorus and bringing in top club producer Shep Pettibone (Madonna) to give it added weight. Fonda had taken her song to No.70 in the US and No.49 in the UK, but with mass marketing Cathy improved on that and some. The song peaked at No.2 in late February and topped the dance chart. It wasn’t released in the UK till the following month but any fears the UK market was uninterested in her music would soon be forgotten when the song shot up the top 40 to peak at No.5.

Cathy released “Too Many Walls” as the third single in September that year and got her third consecutive top 10 hit in America when the song made No.8 there and topped the US Adult Contemporary chart. In the UK it peaked at No.17 the following month. The fourth and final release, “Everybody Move” came at the end of what had been Cathy’s year and would peak at No.25 in the UK, No.90 on the US singles chart and No.41 on the dance chart.  Apart from the four singles “Move To This” is a superb collection of ten early 90’s pop/dance classics.

Track Listing

1. Cathy Dennis Featuring D-Mob: C’mon And Get My Love (Written By D. Poku)
2. Cathy Dennis: Just Another Dream (Original Version) (Written By C. Dennis* & D. Poku)
3. Cathy Dennis Featuring D-Mob: That’s The Way Of The World (Written By C. Dennis & D. Poku)
4. Cathy Dennis: Just Another Dream (Written By C. Dennis & D. Poku)
5. Cathy Dennis: Touch Me (All Night Long) (7″ Version 1) (Written By C. Dennis*, G. Carmichael & P. Adams)
6. Cathy Dennis: Too Many Walls (Written By A. Dudley & C. Dennis)
7. Cathy Dennis: Everybody Move (Written By C. Dennis & T. Britten)
8. Cathy Dennis: Touch Me (All Night Long) (12″ Version 2) (Written By C. Dennis*, G. Carmichael & P. Adams)

Approximate running time: 38 minutes

Directed By Marcus Nispel

Sourced courtesy of Jmac

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