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Cabaret Voltaire The Music Video Anthology is a rare compilation of there now since deleted music video collection from more then twenty years ago in addition to two bonus music videos originally NOT included in this collection. The music videos have been remastered from the original recordings for the best possible picture and 2.0 Dolby Sound. Available here on DVD, exclusively at MVR.

1           Diskono
2           Obsession
3           Trash (Part 1)
4           Badge of Evil
5           Nag, Nag, Nag
6           Eddie’s Out
7           Landslide
8           Photophobia
9           Trash (Part 2)
10         Seconds Too Late
11         Extract From Johnny Yesno
12         Walls Of Jericho
13         This Is Entertainment
14         Moscow


15    Sensoria
16    I Want You

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