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Liam Gallagher returns to the site of Oasis’ defining performance, incorporating all-new interviews, behind the scenes and concert footage captured from over 20 camera positions. The film explores and seeks out stories and perspectives from collaborators and fans from diverse generations from around the world, transposing the emotional and social context of the 90s’ shows versus the tumult of our current era.

This feature-length concert film was shot on the 3rd of June 2022 the first of two shows Liam performed for Knebworth House, Knebworth UK.

Episode One: Beginning seven days ahead of the first gig, Liam arrives for a site inspection entirely unable to remember the grand Knebworth House from his previous encounter. Well, if you can remember Oasis at Knebworth, you probably weren’t there. The memory may be foggy, but Liam’s trademark bravura is still intact. As anyone will know that saw As It Was, Liam’s 2019 documentary about his solo career, he’s still tremendous value for a quote. “Rock’n’roll has been done,” he says. “You fuck with it at your peril.” The film follows Liam as he returns the Knebworth 26 years after the iconic Oasis gigs. Including all–new interviews, behind-the-scenes and epic concert footage, the film also features stories from collaborators and fans from around the world

Duration: 1 Hour 26 Minutes 57 Seconds

Episode Two: in June 2022 Liam Gallagher defied all expectations in return to Knebworth, 26 years after his former band Oasis’ historic 1996 shows. Performing to 170,000 people, this feature length concert film captures the first of two sold-out night. As the film moves from rehearsal to a rain-soaked build-up to the day itself, an obvious difference from Liam’s last Knebworth outing is the absence of his estranged brother Noel. Never mentioned by name (though referred to as “he” a couple of times), the lack of a mention is understandable, given that Liam recently claimed Noel blocked use of any Oasis songs in the film.

Oddly, this restriction does keep the focus strictly on Liam’s post-Oasis achievements, including powerful renditions of ‘The River’ and ‘Once’, from his 2019 album ‘Why Me? Why Not.‘, and ‘More Power’ (complete with choir) and ‘Better Days’ from ‘C’mon You Know’. Even if viewers get shortchanged by the lack of Oasis, by the end, the fans in attendance are elated, especially Audrina, who – in what might just be a set-up – is thrown Liam’s tambourine. 

Flowing throughout, there’s a genuine feeling of goodwill, despite the air of crapness surrounding Britain in 2022. “It’s still shit, innit?” says Liam, a state-of-the-nation address from Rkid that just about sums it up. His Knebworth 22 may never attain the near-mythical status of its Oasis predecessor, but – as the film shows – it arrived at a moment when generations of music lovers needed an excuse to get together, get teary-eyed and enjoy a boozy singalong.

Duration: 1 Hour 19 Minutes 19 Seconds

Duration for Episodes One & Two Total: 2 Hours 47 Minutes

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