Culture Club & Boy George Video Archives 2000-2003 Volume V


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1. The Howard Stern Show 11/07/2000: Teaser, show opening, Interview with BG before entering studio with Howard. In-depth interview with Boy George during CC’s current tour. Boy George admits to drinking, participates in a game (“Guess the gay guy”) to see which of three men are gay (very funny stuff). CC fans who were outside are brought in to meet BG. Interview with the fans in front of BG (21:03)
2. The Queen Latifah Show 11/03/2000: Teaser, show opening, profile of three fans who compete in a contest to meet Culture Club and also win back stage passes and tickets to their concert, CC performs “Karma Chameleon”, CC meets fans in the audience (18:15)
3. VH1 Behind the Music “The Year of 1984” 12/2000: Profile on C.C. and Band Aid (3:14)
4. MTV Cribs 4/5/2001: Opening, Teaser with Boy George “coming up next” and then Boy George takes us on a tour of his home. What a layout, fantastic stuff here (9:27)
5. VH1’s 100 Greatest Videos of All Time (Part 1 of 5) 5/7/01: featured “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me” at #86 Interview with Boy George both past and present (2:15)
6. VH1’s From the Waist Down 6/2001: All 5 episodes edited down to just the segments regarding Boy George and Culture Club and related bands. First episode starts with “Are You A Boy Or A Girl?”. Various interview clips of Boy George including a recent interview in 2001 (All five parts edited down 11:06)
7. MTV 20 8/1/2001: Interview by Kurt Loder with Boy George as he discusses Djing in NYC and also Culture Club. Also, a much overlooked interview by Carson Daly with Boy George much later in the program next to the late Alliyah (3:46)
8. VH1’s Arsenio Jams 11/26/01: Opening, LIVE Performance of “Whisper” from the LP “High Hat”, Boy George is interviewed. Originally aired in September 1989, also closing segment CLASSIC (15:46)
9. VH1’s TV Moments “Reunions” 2/26/02: The Culture Club Reunion is Profiled included are interviews
10. Trio Network “ABBAMANIA” 6/19/02: Oening, Culture Club performs “Voulez Vous” and closing segment with entie cast of the show performing “Dancing Queen” including Culture Club
11. BBC America So Graham Norton 6/21/02: In-depth Interview with Boy George
12. Access Hollywood 5/6/03: Taboo play is discussed at the Premiere. Rosie O’Donnel is interviewd with Boy George and BG has some amazing make-up.
13. VH1 Promo Commercial 4/2003: Little Cat dresses like BG circa CC era and sings Karma Chameleon
14. VH1 Classic 3rd Anniversary the week of May 5th 2003: Air Date 5/10/03: Interview with BG from 10/21/02 in London
15. VH1 Classic 4/2003: Promotional Commercial for VH1 with an animated kitten singing Karma Chameleon dressed as BG circa 1982
16. VH1 Classic: Air Date 6/05/03: Interview with BG from 10/21/02 in London
17. VH1 Classic: Air Date 6/12/03: Interview with BG from 10/21/02 in London discusses Karma Chemeleon
18. VH1 Classic: Air Date 7/20/03: Interview with BG circa 1984 discussing the concept for Miss Me Blind music video
19. VH1 Classic 01/2005: BG on Vegitarian Butchers TOTAL RUNNING TIME: 2 HOURS

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