Culture Club & Boy George Video Archives 2002-2008 Volume VI


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1. SMASH! The Culture Club Story 2002: In depth documentary on the history of the band including exclusive interviews with all members found only in this documentary

2.The Friday Night Project 03/17/2005: BG Host the entire episode. Later in the show BG takes the hosts and dresses him up similar to himself to discover what impact it will have when they venture to different shops and the public’s recation that is very funny. Interview with Boy George about his new book. Then BG plays “Straight Talking Bingo” and gives frank opinions on celbrities. BG asks straight stangers on the street to join him for dinner to set them up with an actor who pretends to be jealous of their date. Later BG chooses which Culture Club immitaters are men from the women and much more.

3. Friday Night with Jonathan Ross 12/15/2006: BG hurt his foot and limps to the coach then another In- Depth Interview with Boy George. BG mentions he’s 44 in June. BG also discusses living in New York City since Taboo and how the fans react in NYC. Also discussion on his new book “Straight”. BG also introduces “B. Rude” clothing line and plays the promotional video for B. Rude.

4. Later with Jools Holland 10/03/08: Opening and BG sings “Down By The Riverside”

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