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1. 60 Minutes (An Australian version of the US TV Series) 7/84: titled “Boy Oh Boy!” this is an in-depth interview with Boy George and footage from their arrival backstage at The 1984 British Pop Awards, scenes from early videos of CC, working in the studio on a recording session with Helen Terry (13:40)
2. “Countdown 83” 1983: Time (Clock of the Heart) (Performance) (2:06)
3. Eyewitness News 6/84: CC hits America on Tour (footage of the band performing live and interview with fans) (1:01)
4. Ch. 10 Eyewitness News 1984: Boy George unveils his wax figure replica by Judith Craig at Madame Teauseurs Wax Museum in London, England and George meets his fans. (1:38)
5. TWT 6/84: Interview with Boy George and report on future plans for Australian Tour and contest to meet Boy George (1:17)
6. The Molly Meldrum Interview: “Who’s A Tart?” 6/84: “Do You Really want to Hurt Me?” (Music Video clip), An amazing world exclusive In-depth interview from Boy George by Molly Meldrum shot in London, England. George discusses his youth, breaking out on his own at 16 and going to Birmingham, “Time (Clock of the Heart)” (Music Video clip), dealing with the press siege on the band, talks about Marilyn coming to his home in the early days, comparisons to the same fame as Michael Jackson, “I’ll Tumble 4 Ya” (Music Video clip), Influences, Interview with Helen Terry about meeting BG and Marilyn in the early days, the bond of the band allowed BG bridging in other musician like Helen Terry, The Church in the Poison Mind (Music Video clip), discussing the making of “Church..”, “Karma…”, “It’s A Miracle” and “Miss Me Blind” music videos, comparing today as compared to today “It’s A Miracle” (Music Video clip), growing up with his family, BG and Marilyn’s trip to Egypt, Interview with Marilyn discussing his association with BG, BG talks about living together, “Victims” (Music Video clip), discussion of Princess Margret’s comment of BG being a “Tart”, meeting Kim Wilde, “Miss Me Blind” (Music Video clip), plans for the Australian Tour, “Do You Really want to Hurt Me?” (Music Video clip), (53:49)
7. Eyewitness News 7/84: Culture Club arrive in Australia, absolute mayhem and press conference clips with comments from BG (1:57)
8. News Report 7/84: The First Press Conference in Sydney, interview with the entire band (2:09)
9. Ch. 10 Eyewitness News 7/84: Interview with Boy George (1:07)
10. Countdown 7/84: It’s A Miracle (Performance) (3:11)
11. Countdown 7/84: CC press conference in Adelaide, Australia in front of fans, Introduced by Molly Meldrum (Part 1 of 2) (1:12)
12. Countdown 7/84: CC press conference in Adelaide, Australia in front of fans (Part 2 of 2), Karma Chameleon” Live by BG without band and fans sing along with BG amazing and “White Boy (Remix)” (Performance) and in-studio interview with BG by Molly Meldrum, clip of CC press conference in Adelaide, Australia in front of fans, “It’s A Miracle” (Performance), Interview with G and Jon Moss by Molly Meldrum (14:59)
13. Ch. 10 Eyewitness 7/84: CC arrive at Melbourne airport and live report at the Sydney Hotel where fans stake out Hotel and interview as BG arrives at hotel and interview with fans (3:55)
14. TWT 7/84: CC press conference with fans, BG answers questions from fans (3:22)
15. Sounds 7/84: Interview with BG discusses the future of CC and solo intentions? (3:29)
16. The Nine Network Australia 7/14/84: fans at airport, general profile and video montage (:)

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