curiosity KILLED the cat The Music Video Anthology & Live


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curiosity KILLED the cat The Music Video Anthology & Live is a rare compilation of there now since deleted music video collection from twenty years ago in addition to international TV appearances. Both the music videos and TV appearances have been remastered from the original recordings for the best possible picture and 2.0 Dolby Sound. Finally this rare DVD collection has a full menu and chapters for all segments including fingernail pictures for a visual reference as well. Available here, exclusively at MVR.

1.    Curiosity Killed The Cat (Music Video Early Audio Mix) MEGA RARE

2.    Down To Earth

3.    Ordinary Day

4.    Misfit (Original UK Version 1)

5.    Free

6.    Misfit (US Re-Edit Version 2)

7.    CBS In Person From The Palace 8/87: Misfit & Down To Earth (Performance)

8.    The Montreaux Festival 1987: Ordinary Day (Performance) Incomplete

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