DAVID BOWIE The ULTIMATE Music Video Anthology 1966 to 2022 4 DVD Set (featuring Adrian Belew, Pet Shop Boys, Pat Metheny Group, Mick Jagger, Placebo along with Tin Machine) OVER 110 music videos


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This four DVD set is a complete music video collection of not only all the music videos available from Bowie as an artist but also all of his collaborations. There’s even a collection of “lyric videos” that are as recent as 2021. All of the music videos are from the various record companies Bowie has collaborated with over the years including but not limited to RCA, Virgin, Columbia and ISO Records Records. This collection includes OVER ONE HUNDRED TEN music videos spanning from 1966 to 2021. This entire collection consists of conceptual music videos unless otherwise specified following the actual song title. Also included, are beautifully illustrated, multi page menus for all four volumes of the music video anthology of David Bowie. Please see photos to demonstrate the menus display and functionality. Use the menu to get to your favorite music video instantly. Not only is this easily the largest collection in the world of David Bowie’s entire career including his collaboration efforts; but also featured here for the very first time, all in chronological order spanning 55 years of music. COMPATIBILITY: REGION FREE: PLAYABLE on ALL DVD Players WORLDWIDE

Promotional/Visual Marketing DVD Reels of music videos are sourced from various masters, so quality does vary. Please note: this Reel was originally created for promotional demonstration and/or marketing are, thus as a whole is not considered broadcast quality. Having said that a majority of the selections are offered here in high quality and some in HD.

David Bowie Music Video Anthology Volume I


1. Rubber Band
2. Sell Me A Coat
3. When I Live My Dream
4. When I’m Five
5. Let Me Sleep Beside You
6. Love You Till Tuesday
7. Space Oddity (Original Conceptual Version 1)
8. Changes (Hunky Dory Version 1)
9. Oh! You Pretty Things! (Live Version)
10. Queen Bitch (Live Version)
11. Five Years (Live Version)
12. Starman (TopPop Version)
13. John, I’m Only Dancing (Original Conceptual Version 1)
14. The Jean Genie
15. Space Oddity (Conceptual Version 2)
16. Drive-In Saturday (Live Version)
17. Life On Mars? (Original Conceptual Version 1)
18. Ziggy Stardust (Live Version From Santa Monica Civic Auditorium)
19. John, I’m Only Dancing (Again) (1979 Remix with “Cracked Actor” Montage-Conceptual Version 2)
20. Rebel Rebel (TopPop Version)
21. Young Americans (Live Version)
22. Be My Wife
23. Heroes
24. Boys Keep Swinging
25. D.J.
26. Look Back In Anger
27. Ashes To Ashes
28. Fashion


David Bowie Music Video Anthology Volume II


29. Queen & David Bowie: Under Pressure (Original Conceptual Version 1)
30. Wild Is The Wind
31. The Drowned Girl
32. David Bowie with Music by Giorgio Moroder: Cat People (Putting Out Fire) (Live from “The Serious Moonlight Tour)
33. David Bowie with Bing Crosby Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy
34. Let’s Dance
35. China Girl (Original Banned Uncensored Version 1)
36. Modern Love
37. China Girl (Censored Version 2)
38. Jazzin’ For Blue Jean (Original 20 Minute Full Length short film Conceptual Version 1)
39. Blue Jean (Live Version 2)
40. Jazzin’ For Blue Jean (Edited Short film Version 2)
41. David Bowie and Pat Metheny Group: This Is Not America (from The Falcon And The Snowman Motion Picture Soundtrack)
42. Loving The Alien
43. David Bowie and Mick Jagger: Dancing In The Street
44. Absolute Beginners (From “Absolute Beginners” Motion Picture Soundtrack)
45. That’s Motivation (From “Absolute Beginners” Motion Picture Soundtrack)
46. Underground (From “Labyrinth” Motion Picture Soundtrack)
47. When The Wind Blows (Original Conceptual Version 1)
48. Magic Dance (You Remind Me Of The Babe) (From “Labyrinth” Motion Picture Soundtrack)
49. As The World Falls Down (From “Labyrinth” Motion Picture Soundtrack)
50. When The Wind Blows (Re-edited Version 2)
51. Day-In Day-Out
52. Time Will Crawl
53. Never Let Me Down
54. Tonight (With Tina Turner) (Live)


David Bowie Music Video Anthology Volume III


55. Tin Machine: Heaven’s Here
56. Tin Machine: Under The God
57. Tin Machine: Maggie’s Farm (Live Version)
58. Tin Machine: Prisoner Of Love
59. Tin Machine: You Belong In Rock ‘n’ Roll
60. Tin Machine: Baby Universal
61. Tin Machine: One Shot
62. Tin Machine: Nine Track Compilation
63. Fame ’90
64. Adrian Belew with David Bowie: Pretty Pink Rose
65. Real Cool World (From “Cool World” Motion Picture Soundtrack)
66. Cosmic Dancer (With Morrissey) (Live Version-T. Rex cover)
67. Jump They Say
68. Black Tie White Noise (With Al B. Sure!)
69. Miracle Goodnight
70. You’ve Been Around
71. Night Flight
72. I Feel Free
73. I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday
74. Buddha Of Suburbia
75. The Hearts Filthy Lesson
76. Strangers When We Meet
77. David Bowie featuring Pet Shop Boys: Hallo Spaceboy
78. Little Wonder
79. Dead Man Walking
80. Seven Years In Tibet (Original Version 1)
81. I’m Afraid of Americans (With Trent Reznor)
82. Seven Years In Tibet (Mandarin Version 2)
83. Perfect Day (With Various Artists For Children In Need)
84. I Cant Read ’97
85. Repetition ’97


David Bowie Music Video Anthology Volume IV


86. Placebo featuring David Bowie: Without You I’m Nothing (Live/Conceptual Version)
87. Thursday’s Child
88. The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell
89. Queen & David Bowie: Under Pressure (Rah Mix 1999 Version 2)
90. Survive
91. Slow Burn (Conceptual Version 1)
92. Slow Burn (Extended Album Version 2)
93. New Killer Star
94. Kashmir featuring David Bowie: The Cynic
95. Never Get Old
96. David Gilmour featuring David Bowie: Arnold Layne (Live Version)
97. Where Are We Now? (featuring actress Tilda Swinton)
98. The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
99. The Next Day (featuring. Actor Gary Oldman)
100. Valentine’s Day
101. Love Is Lost (Hello Steve Reich Mix) (Original Conceptual Version 1)
102. Love Is Lost  (Hello Steve Reich Mix) (Extended Mix with new Conceptual Version 2)
103. I’d Rather Be High (Venetian Mix) (Wasted Edit)
104. Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime)
105. Blackstar
106. Lazarus
107. I Can’t Give Everything Away
108. Life On Mars (2016 Mix Version 2)
109. No Plan
110. Space Oddity (2019 Mix Version 2)
111. Kristeen Young featuring David Bowie: American Landfill

Lyric Videos

112. Sound And Vision 2013
113. The Man Who Sold The World (2020 Mix)
114. Holy Holy (2020 Mix)
115. You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving
116. Changes (Version 2)

Please note some music videos will contain graphic content.

This is the most complete music video collection of David and related collaborations and projects anywhere worldwide!!! A simple must have for any avid collector or devotee of David Bowie’s entire single discography history. This 4 DVD set curated and presented here for the first time in chronological order is a one-of-a-kind collection. You will NOT see this particular collectible likely to be offered anywhere else on the internet. This four DVD set is without question the most complete collection in the world of Bowie’s music video discography featuring ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN music videos in all totaling staggering EIGHT HOURS of music videos spanning 55 years of music from the man himself. The 4 DVD Set spans the years 1966 to the absolute latest lyric music videos from 2021 and includes all various collaborations with artists like Adrian Belew, Pet Shop Boys, Pat Metheny Group, Mick Jagger, Placebo along with Tin Machine  and MORE!!! Also featured are rare Extended Versions, Alternate Versions and super early music videos (pre-“Space Oddity”) that are available here on DVD for the very first time. The most complete music video collection from start to finish anywhere in the word ever! Even if you own ALL prior music video collections released over the years you would STILL NOT  have anywhere near ALL the music videos available in this unique chronological collection.


Another one of a kind collection made available for you by the team here at MVR.

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