David Bowie The Video Archives 1979-1987 Volume IV


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11. (UK TV) Afternoon Plus 02/12/79: Interview Bowie talks about projecting characters, painting, isolation, and the best ways to assimilate in foreign cultures. He also discusses his childhood, early influences, and comments on the incident that gave him his iconic eye

12. (US TV) The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson 09/05/80: “Life on Mars” and “Ashes To Ashes” (8:41)

13. (UK TV) Friday Night, Saturday Morning 10/10/80: Interviewed in the Carlisle Hotel by Tim Rice during Bowie’s run on Broadway as the Elephant Man. Includes clips from the play, audience reactions, and Bowie’s thoughts on working within someone else’s vision and the difference between theater and rock performance. This is very rare and hard to find, so enjoy.

14. (Australia TV) Countdown 10/20/80: Interview From a Japanese restaurant in New York City, Bowie talks about his run in the Elephant Man including clips from the play. Includes Bowie’s comments on the evolution of his career, beginning with “Love You ’Til Tuesday,” and “Space Oddity”. The interview continues from New York City, Bowie looks back at his own career, starting with “Hunky Dory.” Includes his thoughts on iconic characters Ziggy Stardust and Aladdin Sane and the line between character and self

15. (New Zealand) “Radio with Pictures” 1982: Brent Hansen interviews David Bowie Part 1. Interviewed from Auckland, Bowie sits down with New Zealand’s Brent Hansen on the set of “Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence” to discuss his role in production, playing the parts of other people’s characters, and the differences between film and stage, fresh off his run as the Elephant Man on Broadway.

16. (New Zealand) “Radio with Pictures” 1982: Brent Hansen interviews David Bowie Part 2. Continued from Radio with Pictures, Brent Hansen asks about collaborations with Queen and Iggy Pop, and new musicians for Bowie’s next album. Bowie also discusses his influences in writing and directing the music video for Ashes to Ashes, and his fascination with surrealism and the postmodern. 

17. (US TV) MTV News 1983: Bowie questions MTV VJ Mark Goodman on the lack of Black artists on music television, and discusses the slow process of integrating musical media and catering to an entire country of consumers. Bowie and Goodman comment on artists like Prince blurring the lines of popular music, and what Marvin Gaye and the Isley Brothers mean to modern listeners. 

18. (US TV) The 1984 M-TV Video Music Awards 9/17/84: Presents Video Vanguard to David Bowie, Present Best Male Video to David Bowie (Iggy Pop Accepts)

19. (US TV) Friday Night Videos December 1984: “Private Reel” segment Bowie talks about the importance of music videos and his production process, from storyboarding to shooting. From the expense of production to shooting on location, Bowie talks viewers through the process behind some of his most popular videos, including “Let’s Dance,” “DJ,” and “Ashes to Ashes.” Includes footage from the “Modern Love” video.
20. (Worldwide) Live Aid 07/13/85: TVC 15, Rebel Rebel, Modern Love, Heroes (17:41)

21. (US TV) The 1987 M-TV Video Music Awards 9/11/87: Never Let Me Down LIVE

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