David Bowie The Video Archives 1998-1999 Volume XI


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39. (US TV) The 1998 VH-1 Fashion Awards 10/27/98: Versace (Runway), Iggy Pop Lenny Kravitz “Rebel Rebel”

40. (US TV) VH1’s Legends Season 1, Episode 7 David Bowie 12/10/98: A biography of David Bowie profiles his rise to fame. It also includes an interview with the multifaceted performer, as well as rare performance footage, archival interviews and photographs.Narrated by comedian/actor Eddie Izzard (43:38)

41. (UK TV) ZDTV’s Internet Tonight: “David Bowie’s Technical World Air” Date 06/16/99. Record Date 05/24/99 Bowie in the Studio. Raw footage from Liam Mayclem’s 1999 three-part interview with David Bowie, where they discuss Bowie’s daily Internet routine, his thoughts on MP3 and media bootleggers, anonymous interactions with his online fan base, and the pride he feels for his talented, artistic fans. Between rapid-fire puns, Bowie also discusses his relationship with the Internet, problems keeping his desktop clean, and what it’s like to be ranked next to Bill Gates as one of the most influential people in technology. Also includes footage of Bowie’s recording session with Bowienet Cyber Song winner Alex Grant at Looking Glass Studios in NYC. Ten minutes of Bowie in the recording studio putting down vocals for “What’s Really Happening?” from “Hours…”.Lots of behind-the-scenes banter as Bowie jokes about Motley Crue, French aftershave, and modern art. (31:56)

42. (US TV) Saturday Night Live  9/30/99: Opening and “Thursday’s Child” along with “Rebel, Rebel” and closing segment

43. (US TV) The Late Show with David Letterman10/04/99: Opening, “The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell” and in studio interview

44. (UK TV) Channel 4 TFI Friday 10/08/99: Funny interview with David a bit suffering from sleep deprivation and so he’s a bit copy which makes for  great interview. Random subjects are discussed including the fact the he had been diagnosed with gastroenteritis and “Survive” LIVE

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