David Bowie The Video Archives 1999-2018 (“NetAid” & “Storytellers”) Volume XXVI


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  1. NetAid began with a concert event on Saturday October 9, 1999 with simultaneous activities meant to harness the Internet to raise money and awareness for the Jubilee 2000 campaign. Concerts took place at Wembley Stadium in London, Giants Stadium in New Jersey and the Palais des Nations in Geneva. The Wembley show was at capacity; the U.S. show suffered from very poor ticket sales. This series of segments includes only the airing if Bowie’s performances in the UKDavid Bowie: “Life On Mars” David introduces the band and then performs from “Hours” LP “Survive”, “China Girl”, “The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell” and “Rebel Rebel “(During The Hours Tour , please note some songs are interrupted by commercials breaks) Back to David Bowie: “The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell”, “Drive-In Saturday” and “Rebel Rebel” Interview with Bono of U2 discussing Jubilee 2000 Campaign along with “Drop The Debt” advert featuring David Bowie RARE, Back to David Bowie: “China Girl”
  2. VH1 Storytellers 10/18/99: One in this series of music programs featuring recordings of live performances of famous musicians, during which they offer commentary and relate anecdotes. This episode features an August 23rd, 1999 recordin of a live performance by musician David Bowie. Shot live in New York City is the Grand Ballroom at 311 W. 34th St., Manhattan this concert featured a tight, seven-piece touring band, Bowie performs songs and tells stories that span his career to that point. From the earliest song as a solo artist in the 60s, through hits of the 70s and 80s, up to the forthcoming album, HOURS. Highlights include: Bowie performing a down-tempo version of “Life on Mars?;” Bowie discussing the origin of “Life on Mars?” and his friendship with fellow musician Mark Boland; a performance of “Rebel Rebel”; a performance of the “Thursday’s Child,” along with Bowie’s recollection of the inspiration behind the song’s title; his memories of musician Steve Marriott; a performance of “Can’t Help Thinking About Me;” Bowie’s recollection of being pulled over by the police along with musician Doug Bennett; his collaboration with singer Iggy Pop and their visit to Berlin; a rendition of “China Girl”; Bowie performing the song “Seven”; a performance of “Drive-In Saturday,” and his comments on the song’s history; commentary on some of the “darkest days” he suffered during the mid-1970’s; and a performance of “Word on a Wing.”

Band Credits:

David Bowie, Reeves Gabrels, Mark Plati, Gail Dorsey, Mike Garson, Sterling Campbell, Lani Groves and  Holly Palmer.

Track Listing:

“Life on Mars?” 4:22.
“Rebel Rebel” 3:15.
“Thursday’s Child” (Bowie, Reeves Gabrels) 6:43.
“Can’t Help Thinking About Me” 6:31.
“China Girl” (Bowie, Iggy Pop) 6:48.
“Seven” (Bowie, Gabrels) 5:01.
“Drive-In Saturday” 5:22.
“Word on a Wing” 6:35.

3. AXS The Day The Rock Star Died 12/11/18: A look at the career and death of rock legend David Bowie. When David Bowie died in January 2016, the world was united in shock, grief and mourning. As famous peers and those close to him paid tribute, the loss proved every bit as heartfelt and devastating to his millions of fans.

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