David Bowie The Video Archives 2002 Volume XIV


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51. (US TV) Late Night with Conan O’Brien 06/18/02: Interview with david talking about the news casters of America. Iman gave David a Little Richard Stage Jacket for their anniversary and raising his daughter Alexandria. Discussion leads to the “Heathen” LP. Later in the program David performs “Slow Burn” LIVE and “Cactus” to play out the program.

52. (UK TV) Friday Night with Jonathan Ross and David Bowie 07/05/02:  In-depth Interview and live performances by David Bowie. Bowie sits in as Ross’s sole guest for a 45-minute special, where Ross and Bowie crack on Internet porn, fatherhood, and the pointlessness of being knighted. Ross mimics Bowie’s infamous cut-up lyrics by posing some cut-up questions as they reminisce about the worst looks in glam rock, discuss sexual exploration, and play the stylophone. Bowie tells Ross about the dangers of others’ expectations, playing for Phil Collins’ audience, and Tin Machine as a midlife crisis. Includes clips from the Kenny Everett Show, Cracked Actor, and performances of Fashion, Slip Away, Everyone Says “Hi,” and Ziggy Stardust (45.25)

53. (Germany TV) SAT 1 Die Harald Schmidt Show 07/11/02: (Format extremely similar to Late Show with Lettermen in USA) Interview with David in Cologne. Heathen #4 in the charts and upcoming concert in September of the same year sold out in 45 seconds. Bowie discussing the old days living in Germany with Iggy Pop and what he enjoys now about Germany. Later in the program a live performance of Everyone Says “Hi”

54. (US TV) Last Call with Carson Daly 08/07/02: Interview with David discussing raising his son as an adolescent. condition of the state of music in America. Conversation eventually leads to the new LP “Heathen” then later in the show David performs Everyone Says “Hi” LIVE

55. (US TV) The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 8/12/02: David Bowie along with Moby perform two songs live Cactus & Everyone Says “Hi”

56. (UK TV) Later with Jools Holland 09/02/02: Performs “Rebel Rebel” LIVE (aired 18 October 2002)

57. (UK TV) BBC Michael Parkinson Show 09/21/02: Opening, Everyone Says “Hi, LIVE and then an In-depth Interview with David Bowie. Discussing his anniversary with lman  giving him a Little Richard Stage Jacket. David recalls his childhood and early musical influences as a child listening on the radio. David also talked quite freely about subjects lurched from parental effects on the psyche, Little Richard, Tubby the Tuba, Earnest Luft – the boy soprano, Philip Larkin and much more. Days of glam and starting out are also discussed and later in the show “Life On Mars” is performed LIVE (31:09)

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