David Bowie The Video Archives 2006 Volume XVIII


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67. David Bowie Under Review 1976-1979 The Berlin Trilogy 11/21/2006: David Bowie is one of the most influential and important artists of the 20th century (and beyond). His work in Berlin with Brian Eno was a critical advance in music both on a personal artistic level and in music history. Then there’s just the bizarreness of choosing to move to a city walled in by the Soviet Union. And while Bowie gives up the elaborate dress and make-up, he trades it for the basic dress and understated make-up of a German Hausfrau. This is a work of documentation and interpretation. If you are looking for insight into David Bowie’s work at the time, this video provides what no other does. It’s not a concert or music video extravaganza and there are plenty of those to satisfy us all.
But serious reporting about artists is rare, much rarer than musical performances, and can be of more value to the interested fan. This program features live and studio performances by Bowie, rare interviews, and a host of other features all interspersed with the independent review and criticism from a panel of esteemed experts. These include former members of both Neu! And Cluster (and key Bowie influences) Dieter Moebius and Michael Rother; broadcaster, journalist, and ambient author Mark Prendergast; author and Melody Maker/Mojo journalist David Stubbs; journalist and author Daryl Easlea; style aficionado Paolo Hewitt; and many others.

Extras include: Extended Interviews, Special feature, ‘Bowie After Berlin’, Interactive digital David Bowie quiz, Beyond DVD section and more.

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