David Bowie The Video Archives 2016 Volume XX (Memorial Reel) UPDATED with all tributes


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**Full page menu with chapter selection for all segments and includes tributes to David Bowie since his passing**

70. Various Afternoon News segments (EXCLUSIVE only aired in New York Local) 01/11/16: David Bowie passes of cancer at age 69 in NYC. CBS2 news at 5PM 1/11 (local): Quotes from Mick Jagger, footage outside SoHo tribute, “Lazarus” and Blackstar search for goodbye messages. Comments from Duncan Jones, Iggy Pop, Kanye West, Bono, Madonna. Fox 5 at 5 1/11 (local): Space Oddity clip, brief retrospective. ABC 7 Eyewitness News at 6 1/11 (local): Remembering David Bowie, brief career retrospective, clip from “Blackstar”. WPiX 11 news at 6 1/11 (local): “RIP Rebel, Rebel” preview, Visual of SoHo vigil

71. Various Evening News segments (National and New York Local) 01/11/16: David Bowie passes of cancer at age 69 in NYC. The Insider: interview with Iman from April 2015, Joe Levy of Rolling Stone comments on Bowie’s influence on entertainment, comments from Mick Jagger. ET: Commentary from Ricky Gervais, Mick Jagger and more. NY 1 (local): Brief bio and career retrospective, SoHo vigil and interview with New Yorkers outside Lafayette St Apartment, Peter Hoffman local retauranteur comments on Bowie’s daily presence in the neighborhood and role in Basquiat movie, memorial outside NY Theater Workshop

72. Various News segments (National and New York Local) 01/12/16: Reaction to David Bowie passing of cancer at age 69 in NYC. Hollywood Today: Discussion of Blackstar album’s soar to #1 on iTunes. TMZ: Rob Lowe outside Golden Globes after party at Craig’s, clips of partygoers dancing to Modern Love, brief career retrospective, discussion of Blackstar album. Inside Edition: Comments on cancer battle, footage from premiere of Lazarus musical, SoHo vigil coverage, Piers Morgan and Angie Bowie statements, tributes from Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon

73. Charlie Rose Rebroadcast 01/16/16 from original air date of 03/31/98: Interview with Bowie on the creative process and his life in general during the promotion of ‘Earthling”.

74. Saturday Night Live Season 41 Episode 10 01/16/16: Adam Driver and musical guest Chris Stapleton. – During the episode of the long-running sketch comedy series paid tribute to David Bowie by having former cast member Fred Armisen return to reminisce about a memorable 1979 episode of SNL where Bowie served as musical guest. Then SNL dug into its vaults and aired part of Bowie’s visually stunning performances from that Martin Sheen-hosted episode from 15th of December 1979 where Bowie performs “The Man Who Sold The World”.

75. CBS Sunday Morning 01/17/16: Remembering David Bowie. Bill Flannigan on collaborations with Bowie, influence on music and rock as theater, clips from Concert for NYC, comment on release of the Next Day and Blackstar. Footage from Lazarus musical in New York City featuring Michael C. Hall performance clips

76. CBS 60 Minutes 01/24/16: Opening and rare interview clips from  two former interviews with Bowie back in 2003 that were to be produced for a segment that never aired. Included is rehearsal footage for a live concert and scenes from a recording session in Woodstock New York.

77. BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) 02/14/16: In memoriam segment includes David Bowie

78. The 58th Grammy Awards 02/15/16: Tribute to David Bowie by Lady Gaga with Nile Rodgers perform a hits medley of Bowie’s greatest songs. Later in the program a “In Memoriam” segment that includes David Bowie.

79. The Brit Awards 2016 02/24/16: After accepting the rare BRIT Icon Award on Bowie’s behalf, Gary Oldman introduced Lorde as an artist Bowie had hailed as “the future of music.” In his acceptance speech, Oldman described Bowie as “the very definition, the living embodiment, of that singular word: icon.” Oldman himself was introduced by Annie Lennox who called Bowie “the ultimate iconoclast.” After Bowie’s backing band performed a medley of Bowie’s classics — including “Space Oddity,” “Let’s Dance,” and “Fame” — before ceding center stage to the New Zealand star Lorde. Lorde honored David with a rousing rendition of his 1971 classic “Life on Mars.”

80. The 88th Annual Academy Awards 02/28/16: Dave Grohl takes the stage and performs a rendition of the Beatles’ “Blackbird” during the telecast’s “In Memoriam” segment. Grohl sat on stage with a guitar playing the tune as images of late actors, filmmakers, and other industry figures appeared on screen, including David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Leonard Nimoy.


81. David Bowie ‘Day In Day Out’ Rockumentary 04/29/87: Day-In Day-out, Includes: Interview, footage from Rome Airport 25/3/1987, interview clip and live clips from Madrid soundcheck 24/3/1987 (Day-in day-out), interview clip and live clips from the press conference at Cat Club in New York 18/3/1987 (Day-in day-out / Bang bang), Bowie walking in the streets of Madrid footage, live clip from the press conference in Madrid 24/3/1987 (Day-in day-out), interview clip and live clip from the press conference at the Piper Club in Rome 25/3/1987 (Bang bang), live clips from “Glass Spider Tour” rehearsals in New York 3/1987 (Time will crawl / Loving the alien), footage from Hammersmith Odeon in London 3/7/1973, live clip from “Cracked Actor” 26/1/1975 (Cracked actor), clip from “Elephant Man”, excerpts from promo videos (Ashes to ashes / Day-in day-out / China girl / Let’s dance), film clips (Into The Night, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Blue Jean, The Hunger), John Landis & Julian Temple about Bowie, Peter Frampton & Carlos Alomar interview, Bowie footage, Bowie photo footage. (27:55)

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