David Bowie The Video Archives 2016-2018 Volume XXIV (Documentaries)


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  1. Reelz Autopsy: The Last Days of David Bowie 06/17/18: Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter takes an in-depth look at what may have led to the cancer that caused the rock legend’s death in January 2016 two days after his 69th birthday. The show also offers a profile of Bowie’s life and how he kept his illness secret from nearly the whole world.
    In addition, the episode delves into the timing of the release of the influential artist’s final studio album, Blackstar — which arrived on his 69th birthday — and the clues that apparently were included in the project about his impending demise. The show features archival footage and photos of Bowie, as well as interviews with a number of people associated with the rock legend.
    The segment focuses on how a teenage Bowie sustained the injury to his left eye that left him with a permanently dilated pupil, something that added to his famously otherworldly persona.
    Music Journalist Lesley-Ann Jones stated on this documentary that for a period of time before Bowie’s death he survived on a bizarre diet of “red peppers, cocaine, and milk.” This, according to Reelz, Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos is “eccentric” behavior that reveals all the classic signs of a serious eating disorder. Dr. Papadopoulos calls the behavior pattern a “need for control.”
    Bowie’s cocaine habit, however, was an entirely different set of problems and after more than two years of addiction, it appeared that David would never shake his demons. Sadly, Bowie’s terminal liver cancer was discovered by doctors only three months before his death. Following the devastating news, David Bowie decided to keep the news of his terminal cancer from his fans.
    On the Reelz series, forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter shares with viewers what he believes may have led to David Bowie’s deadly cancer. He will also reveal how, and why Bowie kept his terminal disease a secret.
  2. Rock Legends 11/02/16: Music critics and DJs examine the life and enduring career of David Bowie.

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