David Cassidy His Greatest Hits – Live At The Royal Albert Hall DVD (RARE 1985 Concert) NEVER RELEASED in the USA!


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Background: In 1985, David made a come back with the recording of his first L.P. in nine years in Europe titled “Romance”. The L.P. was a huge hit with several hit singles. During that year, David toured Great Britain and Europe. This tour ended at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London, England, where he once again performed to a sell out crowd. That performance was recorded and made into yet another hit record for him on vinyl and CD! There was even a VHS release of this same concert the following year in 1986. The VHS was released exclusively in the UK  and was deleted the same year. Unfortunately, due to “label” release issues, all of these records, CDs and the official UK VHS were never released in the United States. If you were lucky enough to live in England at the time in 1986 and happen to pick up the VHS, it would be the only visual format you would ever have of this rare concert until now literally 38 years later.

Offered here for the very first time on DVD and also for the first time in ANY format in America is another exclusive DVD feature from your staff at Music Video Resource.

Recorded LIVE on Tuesday the 22nd of  October 1985 at the Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

1. Could It Be Forever (3:23)
2. Darlin’ (3:06)
3. Thin Ice (4:03)
4. I Am A Clown (3:33)
5. Daydreamer With Medley (3:06)
6. Last Christmas (WHAM! Cover)
7. Joanna (Kool And The Gang Cover)
8. Can’t Smile Without You (Barry Manilow Cover)
9. Get It Up For Love (3:04)
10. How Can I Be Sure? (3:33)
11. Touched By Lightning
12. I Write The Songs
13. I Think I Love You
14. Cherish
15. When I Am a Rock and Rock Star
16. Rock Me Baby


17. The Last Kiss

TOTAL DURATION Approximately One Hour

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